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Looking for Something to Signify

Something to Signify Gender Performance and Cuban Masculinity in Viva

David Yagüe González

notion of performance, gender and sexuality are developed outside of the preexisting and confining categories of male and female heteropatriarchy. By breaking away from the biological categorization of gender and by including other sexualities within the

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Alejandro Miranda

during performances. Performing is a located phenomenon produced by the convergence of groups of people, artifacts, skills, and meanings as the event unfolds. My contention is that to understand the mobilities of social practice, it is crucial to examine

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Redefining Censorship

Lessons Learned from Teaching The Merchant of Venice in Israel

Esther B. Schupak

and crush individuals’. 3 While such arguments are seductive, new paradigms for teaching and encountering Shakespeare in performance have altered the field sufficiently as to render all such arguments obsolete. That is, because viewing performances of

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Doing Ritual While Thinking about It?

Emma Gobin

reflexivity’ and the role they play in the formal economy of ritual performance have remained largely unexamined. In drawing on various empirical case studies to address these issues, this collection of articles proceeds from the idea that the reflexive

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Ivan Mozzhukhin’s Acting Style

Beyond the Kuleshov Effect

Johannes Riis

theory, perhaps as a reflection of what first intrigued us about the medium, and even though editors and filmmakers most likely do not presuppose inexpressive performances when referring to the Kuleshov effect as “the single most important concept to

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The Corpus Christi Devotion

Gender, Liturgy, and Authority among Dominican Nuns in Castile in the Middle Ages

Mercedes Pérez Vidal

in the empowering of these aristocratic women, not only through the commission of works of art, but also through the liturgical performance and the use of monastic spaces. However, all these were also highly contested areas between the nuns and male

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Factors in the Development of Spatial Cognition in Boys and Girls

Assessing the Impacts of Biology and Navigational Experience

Mariah G. Schug

seemed to be more visible in the community and might, therefore, engage in more spatial thinking through navigating outside their homes. This experience, the Munroes thought, might explain boys’ better performance on spatial tasks. With their curiosity

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Jeff Smith, Dominic Topp, Jason Gendler, and Francesco Sticchi

single case study. The book's first chapter goes on to examine a typical, if not especially common, listening situation: characters attending a performance of concert music. For Biancorosso, such scenes represent a paradigm of active auditory attention

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Katrin Sieg

decolonization and migration. European studies scholars have been drawn to the Eurovision Song Contest ( esc ), founded in 1956, as a particularly conspicuous cultural venue where performances not only embody changing gendered and racialized ideals and

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The Taming of the Tigress

Faṭima Rushdī and the First Performance of Shrew in Arabic

David C. Moberly

Arabic ( fuṣḥā ) just three years later, in 1933, at the request of the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Egyptian theatre critics who reviewed the 1930 performance present Shakespeare as an authority on the nature of women and their role in the marriage