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Melenia Arouh

’; that our shared concepts are still shared and hence really ours” (2014). In these readings of Wittgenstein's later philosophy, perfect clarity is not habitable, ideal conditions cannot be found and language cannot be transcended “no matter how many

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Embodiment, Curation, Exhibition

Douglas Gordon’s “Pretty much every film and video work from about 1992 until now”

Jiaying Sim

engage in another process, that of precipitating our reflection, of encouraging another way of thinking or sensing the world. —Jean-Paul Martinon and Irit Rogoff, The Curatorial: The Philosophy of Curating As part of the 2014 GENERATION project

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Jane Stadler

problem in moral philosophy, which asks us to imagine a hypothetical scenario and ponder the ethical course of action that ought to be taken. The trolley problem is a thought experiment featuring a trolley that is about to run over several people unless

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Marissa C. de Baca

Nicholson-Smith . Cambridge, MA : Blackwell . Merleau-Ponty , Maurice . 1964 . “ Marxism and Philosophy .” In Sense and Non-Sense . Trans. Hubert L. Dreyfus and Patricia Allen Dreyfus . Evanston, IL : Northwestern University Press

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Naturalizing Aesthetic Experience

The Role of (Liberated) Embodied Simulation

Vittorio Gallese

be open to dialogue and constructive collaboration with other disciplines such as the history of cinema and the theory of film, philosophy, and other humanistic studies. The final objective must be to discover how to profitably conjugate the

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Carl Plantinga

philosophy and is current in contemporary psychology as well ( Kauppinen 2018 ). Jonathan Haidt (2001 , 2012 ) and other moral intuitionists argue that moral judgment is largely a quick and immediate intuition, and that moral reasoning is called in only

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Robert Sinnerbrink and Matthew Cipa

that the concept of “world” is among the most familiar yet difficult in all of philosophy. This could serve as a motto for Daniel Yacavone’s remarkable new book, Film Worlds: A Philosophical Aesthetics of Cinema , which elaborates an impressively

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Peter Lurie, Antonio Sanna, Hansen Hsu, Ella Houston, and Kristof van Baarle

world employing a theory of symbolic interactionism ( Mead 1982 ). This comparative book review of these recent English translations suggests that Flusser’s philosophy on creative expression and bodily performance provides a nuanced framework from which

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Brian Bergen-Aurand

and disabled that draws our attention to the screen and our embodied experience of the bodies being screened. With these two blogs, the film, and Faix and colleagues’ article, then, we might begin to consider the history, philosophy, and methodology of

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Grey Gardens and the Problem of Objectivity

Notes on the Ethics of Observational Documentary

Mathew Abbott

in the filmmaking practices of documentarians who worked in the wake of direct cinema, employing some of its techniques while pushing back against the philosophies that animated it. Paradigmatic here is the early theoretical work of the