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Trauma, Time, and the ‘Singular Plural’

The Israeli Television Series Fauda

Nurith Gertz and Raz Yosef

-Roazen . Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press . 10.1515/9780804764025 Barabash , Uri ,dir. 1984 . Beyond the Walls . [In Hebrew.] Film, 103 min., April Films , Israel . Benjamin , Walter . ( 1940 ) 2006. “ On the Concept of History .” In Selected Writings

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Uzi Meshulam and the ‘Mishkan Ohalim’ Affair

The Influence of Radical Ultra-Orthodoxy

Motti Inbari

part, took advantage of the mass media coverage of the siege to press his demand for a government committee to investigate the fate of missing Yemenite children, an issue that had been raised but generally ignored by the establishment since the early

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Israel’s Recent Unionizing Drives

The Broader Social Context

Jonathan Preminger

( Harpaz 2007: 452–453 ), and its ‘big committees’ 2 are seen as the cause of the economy’s inefficiencies. Workers’ committees with real power, especially the port committees, are under constant attack by the press, led by TheMarker . 3 The message

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Adaptive Regulation

A Possible Model for Regulation and Innovation in Personal Social Services

Lihi Lahat and Yekoutiel Sabah

Debate . Oxford : Oxford University Press . Baldwin , Robert , Martin Cave , and Martin Lodge . 2012 . Understanding Regulation: Theory, Strategy, and Practice . New York : Oxford University Press . Benish , Avishai . 2014

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Menachem Keren-Kratz

on the most obvious sources, that is, the Haredi press. Other, more indirect sources are required for this purpose ( Baumel 2002 ). This difficulty in obtaining authentic direct and reliable information is compounded when dealing with Extreme Orthodox

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Nir Gazit and Yagil Levy

Ariel Vainer . 2010 . Rethinking Contemporary Warfare: A Sociological View of the Al-Aqsa Intifada . Albany : State University of New York Press . Ben-Ari , Eyal , Zeev Rosenhek , and Daniel Maman . 2001 . “ Military State and Society in

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Nissim Leon, Judy Baumel-Schwartz, Amir Paz-Fuchs, and Roy Kreitner

Motti Inbari , Jewish Radical Ultra-Orthodoxy Confronts Modernity, Zionism and Women’s Equality (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016), 279 pp. In recent years, the field of Israel Studies has witnessed growing interest in Haredi (ultra

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Israel Goes to the Polls

The Road to Elections for the Constituent Assembly, 1948–1949

Meir Chazan

1949. 63 Ben-Gurion Diary, 14 February 1949, BGA. references Bialer , Uri . 1990 . Between East and West: Israel’s Foreign Policy Orientation 1948–1956 . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press . 10.1017/CBO9780511521652 Bialer , Uri . 2009

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Wang Zhen, Alfred Tovias, Peter Bergamin, Menachem Klein, Tally Kritzman-Amir, and Pnina Peri

Aron Shai , China and Israel: Chinese, Jews; Beijing, Jerusalem (1890–2018) (Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2019), 270 pp. Hardback, $90.00. Paperback, $29.95. In recent years, China, which has been benefiting from its sustained and rapid

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Noa Hazan and Avital Barak

photograph of the Old City of Jerusalem, 1890 Photograph © Felix Bonfils, courtesy of the Government Press Office Archive Figure 2 A general view of the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock, 1912 Photograph © Eric Matson, courtesy of the American Colony