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Edited by Bryan Loughrey and Graham Holderness

that spirit, we want to open more space for new entrants to the academic profession to publish in the journal, as well as continuing to disseminate work from those creatively engaged in traditional scholarship. So, as a thirtieth birthday present to the

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Fanny Silviu-Dan and Keith Woodhouse

Silviu-Dan Cassandra By Keith Woodhouse Needle thin, silvirkrin, silver slithers, Born with a gemini moon and a silver spoon, Turtle neck, tortoise neck, taurus neck, The words of a dead man ratified in the living. Biblical faces fading into spaces

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Steven Lovatt

Flying birds away into endless spaces Ranged hills all autumn colors again I walk up Hua Tzu hill and walk down – Will my sadness never come to its end? —Wang We I’ll go out for long walks + then I shall feel quite well. —Dorothy Edwards, undated

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Sarah James and Humphrey John Moore

slack around us. Their tides in my blood made me this brittled shape, with a sharp brine crust and hollowed space. But put your ear to my shell, and softness echoes. From a cold rush-then-spill, the lullaby of moon rhythms. Hold me gently, and I will

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Brian Yothers, Gillian Dooley, Guy Galazka, Peter Weisensel, Jackie Coon, Magdalena Banaszkiewicz, and David Cashman

less to understanding Graham than they should, considering the space they occupy. The same applies to plot summaries of Graham’s novels. The above notwithstanding, the narrative is filled with enlightening details, for example, the wartime pressures on

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Offshore Desires

Mobility, Liquidity and History in Shakespeare’s Mediterranean

Rui Carvalho Homem

considerable geopolitical change. Indeed, his work emerged from the period that witnessed what Braudel influentially called the ‘northern invasion’ of the space of Mediterranean commerce by northern European ventures, which signalled the historical shift of a

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Beyond the Glittering Golden Buddha Statues

Difference and Self-transformation through Buddhist Volunteer Tourism in Thailand

Brooke Schedneck

Tourists visit many ancient temples as one of the major tourist activities and sites in the old city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The first thing they notice is the difference of this religious space compared to more familiar landscapes. The details of

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Nahrain al-Mousawi

categories rather than micro-level linguistic structures. In terms of the latter, for instance, Bourdieu critiques linguistic approaches which fail to see language as embedded in sociocultural spaces. (4) Moreover, Hanna’s attraction to Bourdieu’s theories

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A Journey to Australia

Travel, Media, and the Politics of Representation

Helen Bones

produced a unique reimagining of Australia in geopolitical terms as Raum ohne Volk (space without people). Ross used cinematic techniques to draw out themes explored in his book The Unfinished Continent (1930), which suggests that Australia

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Exit, pursued by a fan

Shakespeare, Fandom, and the Lure of the Alternate Universe

Kavita Mudan Finn and Jessica McCall

them. Creating, reading, and writing fanfiction preserves the multiplicity and complexity of meaning in the text rather than replacing it; it also offers a radical and safe space for students and amateur Shakespeareans alike to stretch their wings