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Wiping away the Tears of the Ocean


Mogobe Ramose

’, arising from the long evolution of the human species, generated the ‘stereotyped thinking’ that one race is ‘superior’ and another ‘inferior’. Tobias argues that this stereotypic thinking is ‘a refusal to face reality – that is, to check up and see if what

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The Keys to the Economic Kingdom

State Intervention and the Overcoming of Dependency in Africa before the Crisis of the 1970s

Bill Freund

investment and the fount of technology. It was the engine that made the colonial economy go and it dominated finance and trade. The stereotype model of dependency theory based on a solar metropole and a planetary range of peripheral colonies had much to be

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“Clear and Present Danger”

The Legacy of the 1917 Espionage Act in the United States

Petra DeWitt

defendants were ordinary people who had expressed personal opinions without intending to interfere in the war effort or aid the enemy, the characteristics of the convicted reflected prevailing gender stereotypes, ethnic typecasts, and religious prejudices

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Tuğçe Kayaal

. Unruly orphan boys were considered to consent to any “deviant” sexual behavior naturally. The police officers also shared this stereotype of orphan boys. During the investigation process, they conducted inquiries about each of the complainant boys to see

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De Beauvoir, Existentialism and Marx

A Dialectic on Freedom

Angela Shepherd

Beauvoir sets out to achieve within The Second Sex is a greater sense of clarity for women – that sexual difference does not justify cultural stereotypes and socially accepted norms and that myths of femininity do not determine what women are. Clearly an

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Leslie Paul Thiele and Marshall Young

aptitude – even genius – predicts ineptitude in mundane affairs. Hence the erudite are frequently lampooned for their incompetence in business, their maladroitness in politics and their lack of street smarts. The stereotype of the bumbling professor lost in

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“Such a Poor Finish”

Illegitimacy, Murder, and War Veterans in England, 1918-1923

Ginger S. Frost

assessment the police gave to the HO. An overbearing, meddling older woman was a common stereotype; it was not as powerful as the unfaithful wife of a war hero, but it was the best Archibald could manage. Ultimately, Crockford was successful enough with his

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A Negative Theory of Justice

Towards a Critical Theory of Power Relations

Leonard Mazzone

change the stereotyped models of the representation of invisible or stigmatised social groups. 24 The third dimension, instead, involves the criteria of social belonging and determines who counts as a member of the political community; namely, who is