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Masculinity on Stage

Dueling in the Greek Capital, 1870–1918

Dimitra Vassiliadou

his own life for his homeland, 42 embodied values and qualities that privileged physical strength, aggressiveness, toughness, and robustness, 43 performed on the battlefield and elsewhere, for instance, in sports 44 or on the field of honor. The

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’Tis but a Habit in an Unconsolidated Democracy

Habitual Voting, Political Alienation and Spectatorship

Anthony Lawrence A. Borja

Aldrich et al. (2011: 540 ) arguing for a contextual understanding of habitual voting; specifically, they illustrated that the strength of habit ‘derives from repetition of the behavior in a similar context of choice’. To elaborate, for Aldrich et al

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Pascah Mungwini

‘memorials of suffering’. To this day, the holocaust retains its symbolic meaning among Jews as a collective trauma of epic proportions in human history which they also evoke to symbolise their moral and spiritual strength as a people. As Zerubavel (1994: 87

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Alejandro Miranda

-as-entity and practice-as-performance formulated by Schatzki 11 and further elaborated by Shove and colleagues. 12 Schatzki theorizes the articulation of assorted elements in time and space as practice-arrangement bundles. One strength of this ontological

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Ajume H. Wingo

neighbours fail to resist? The answer to that question requires going beyond the question of how the relative strength of states determines their relationship (as was the case with African states and their colonial masters), and considering the normative

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Marcelo Hoffman

innovation. The revolutionary minority finds itself isolated, confronted by a leadership, frightened and anguished at the idea that it could be swept away in a whirlwind whose nature, strength and direction are beyond its imagining’ ( 2004: 77 ). This

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Christian Schweiger

losing cee support for acting as the Eurozone’s (semi-) hegemonial economic stabilizer, a role it had initially adopted reluctantly but progressively more determinedly. Apart from Germany’s economic strength, the basis for the country’s hegemony in the

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Carl Strikwerda

military strength did not define economic power. They persuaded themselves that globalization required an offensive strategy, in part because rapid economic change appeared to undermine their traditional supporters—Prussian landowners, artisans, and the

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Cues for Integration

Foreign Policy Beliefs and German Parliamentarians’ Support for European Integration

A. Burcu Bayram

militant internationalism, I use three questions again borrowing from the existing research. “Using military force to solve problems usually makes matters worse” (reverse coded), “Military strength and the will to use it is still the best guarantee for

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After the Party

Trump, Le Pen, and the New Normal

Anne Sa’adah

proposed, combined with a systematic communications effort, would win popular support for the FN’s agenda, while organizational strength and discipline would allow the Front to profit politically from the attitudinal changes it was promoting. Second, the