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Navigating the Politics of Anxiety

Moral Outrage, Responsiveness, and State Accountability in Denmark

Mette-Louise Johansen

This article explores how a group of state employees, mainly social workers and police officers, assess threats and seek to cope with a variety of conflicting interests in their efforts to counter violent extremism (CVE) in Denmark’s second city

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Soft skills, hard rocks

Making diamonds ethical in Canada’s Northwest Territories

Lindsay A. Bell

when the number of jobs in the industry was drastically reduced. While the introduction of soft skills was aimed at orienting would-be worker behavior and speech to corporate norms, its more significant consequence came from the ways in which it

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The New Economic Policy of 1962

How Israeli Economists Almost Changed the Israeli Economy

Ronen Mandelkern

’s implementation remained in the hands of those who might have been damaged by it, namely, the employers, the workers, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI). While most studies discussing the political role of Israeli economists focus on the 1985

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Paul Robert Gilbert

the most to forge, out of a tangle of legal and economic indicators, the “investment climate” as something tangible that can be visibly “enhanced” through legal reforms that make it easier to (among other things) start a company, dismiss workers, or

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Frédéric Viguier, Michael Lipsky, and Vincent Dubois

Welfare As It Is Frédéric Viguier

French Welfare Workers as Street-level Bureaucrats Michael Lipsky

A Reply to Michael Lipsky and Frédéric Viguier’s Comments Vincent Dubois

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Creative Encounters

African Trade and Chinese Oil Production in Western Chad

Nikolaus Schareika

production sites, in workers’ camps cut off from the outside world, in extremely high-salaried experts supplied with goods and foodstuffs from overseas, in military or private security forces that become alarmed by the slightest curious gaze, and by

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Nicolas Mariot

manual workers and petty employees of humble extraction, and a small number of bourgeois and intellectuals? I aim to present some key themes in my book on this subject. 6 My purpose, when starting the study dealing with this topic, was to write a social

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Eugene Heimler

A Hero of the Twentieth Century

Miriam Bracha Heimler

It was in the autumn of 1977 in Berlin that I met ‘the professor’ for the first time, in an institute for further education for social workers. I sat together with about thirty other social workers in a huge room with a high ceiling, around large

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Dirty Work, Dangerous Others

The Politics of Outsourced Immigration Enforcement in Mexico

Wendy Vogt

politics around Central American migration in Mexico and vis-à-vis US political rhetoric. Through the construction of Central Americans as “dirty others”—vectors of disease, criminals, smugglers, and workers—they come to embody “matter out of place” that

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The Socio-analytical Approach

Differences in International Scientific Discourses

Rolf-Dieter Hepp

Periphery When Adorno says all conditions are equally close to the center, the commodity relationship, Marx notes that in the work process not only the product but also the worker is produced at the same time; this reflects the concentration on the detail