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Dudziro Nhengu

” refers to migrant workers who work in the receiving state without authorization, while “regular” refers to migrant workers who have been officially authorized to live and work in the receiving state ( Grover, 2013 ). Generally, a distinction is made

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Undocumented People (En)Counter Border Policing

Near and Far from the US Border

Denise Brennan

book I am currently writing, Undocumented: Criminalizing Everyday Life in the United States . The book also draws from interviews with community organizers, attorneys, social workers, domestic violence counselors, medical professionals, teachers

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Giving Aid Inside the Home

Humanitarian House Visits, Performative Refugeehood, and Social Control of Syrians in Jordan

Ann-Christin Wagner

to control “my” Syrians remind me of an arrival scene on the beaches of Lesbos, poignantly captured by Evthymios Papataxiarchis (2016) . In 2015, at the height of the so-called “European refugee crisis,” a wild mix of aid workers, international

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Sanctuary City Organizing in Canada

From Hospitality to Solidarity

David Moffette and Jennifer Ridgley

temporary foreign worker programs, problems with the refugee appeals process, delays in processing applications for permanent residency, and barriers to family reunification have produced a growing population of people with precarious or undocumented status

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Eliana Elisabeth Diehl and Esther Jean Langdon

inclusion of Indigenous workers on primary care teams. NGOs and universities providing health services started training Indigenous health agents in selective locations in the 1980s (see Langdon et al., 2014 , for a more exhaustive review). Their

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James Gerber

). Firms that run migrant detention centers, border patrol unions, individual workers, and many others derive a great deal of income from the militarization of the Mexico–US border, even if they impose costs on the rest of society. In this view of

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From war to development

Women leading the nation

Leymah Gbowee

soldiers—one of the boys was 16 at the time, and I was his case worker. We had a conversation about rape and abuse, and he was adamant that he had not raped anyone during the war. I then realized that the way I was asking the question made no sense to him

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Women and development in Vietnam

Caught between social tradition and economic globalization

Khuat Thu Hong

compared to 57% of men in the labor force. 10 Women also dominate lower paid occupational sectors and are largely invisible because they work in informal sectors as street vendors, domestic workers or cleaners in small food shops. Despite the women

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Sabina Barone, Veronika Bernard, Teresa S Büchsel, Leslie Fesenmyer, Bruce Whitehouse, Petra Molnar, Bonny Astor, and Olga R. Gulina

the British asylum system to examining the structure and operation of the Home Office and the UK Border Agency. In the subsequent chapters, Campbell turns to analyze the work of refugee lawyers and case workers, and their function in translating

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From philanthropy to impact investing

The case of Luxembourg

Shirlita Espinosa

homeland they recently left. By turning to migrants as philanthropists or, even better, as development workers, there is a delegation of responsibility of development work to the group of people who, rather paradoxically, left their countries to seek