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By Sentiment and By Status

Remembering and Forgetting Crémieux during the Franco-Algerian War

Jessica Hammerman

special treatment due to the sacrifices they made in the war. 17 Jewish wartime losses were reported at 2,850, or 12 percent of Algerian losses. 18 Subsequent generations became steeped in their own French identity, which was at times aspirational. In

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Manufacturing a Multifunctional Countryside

Operational Landscapes, Urban Desire, and the French State, 1945–1976

Venus Bivar

life were eaten up by urban readers. Anthropologists and sociologists produced one study of peasant life after another, while Parisians began visiting the Musée national des arts et traditions populaires in droves. 28 Memoir-reading urban residents

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The Color of French Wine

Southern Wine Producers Respond to Competition from the Algerian Wine Industry in the Early Third Republic

Elizabeth Heath

French: Wine and the Making of National Identity (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003). Also Simpson, Creating Wine , Part 3; Lukacs, Inventing Wine , 202–238; Elizabeth Barham, “Translating Terroir: The Global Challenge of French AOC

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Administering Vaccination in Interwar Algeria

Medical Auxiliaries, Smallpox, and the Colonial State in the Communes mixtes

Hannah-Louise Clark

auxiliaries), also known as adjoints techniques de la Santé publique , whose careers I have been tracking through personnel files and correspondence in the Algerian National Archives. Amrane and a colleague have recorded the full name and age of each man

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The Gallic Singularity

The Medieval and Early Modern Origins

Tracy Adams

is not possible for their American counterparts, who confuse the particular with the universal. 4 This construction of the relationship between the sexes undoubtedly offers powerful symbols for creating and solidifying national identity, for both men

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Nathan Bracher

). 12 Rousso, “A-t-on encore besoin des historiens?” 18. 13 Rousso, The Latest Catastrophe , 10–11. 14 See Charles S. Maier, The Unmasterable Past: History, Holocaust, and German National Identity (Cambridge, MA, and London: Harvard University Press

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An Indochinese Dominion

L'Effort indochinois and Autonomy in a Global Context, 1936–1939

M. Kathryn Edwards

267 in 1935, resulting in a rich and varied press in French, quốc ngữ , and Chinese. 7 Papers reprinted each other's articles, exchanged barbs, and engaged in heated debates over everything from Vietnamese national identity to local political

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Fanny Colonna

Thinking Differently Under Colonialism

Arthur Asseraf

divide: “there is no scholarship absolved of sin by decolonization, nor, with certain exceptions, of links to the ideological and practical objects of such scholarship, and that goes for national (that is, Algerian) scholars as well as for others. In

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Representations of Women in the French Imaginary

Historicizing the Gallic Singularity

Jean Elisabeth Pedersen

republican national identity during its formative period, especially in its legal, educational, and economic aspects.” For the period between 1870 and 1920, she also highlights the importance of “the close relationships that existed between women's rights

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Julie Fette

that individuals negotiate religious identity, national identity, and cultural identity amidst political upheaval and social change. Marcelle and Pinhas are exceptional individuals, and their personal narratives—like those of Jablonka’s grandparents