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Maša Mrovlje and Jennet Kirkpatrick

–14 ). Some post-Marxist scholars reveal a similar tendency. Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri have affirmed the potential of resistance by the multitude to subvert the global, all-pervasive biopolitical order of the Empire and institute ‘absolute democracy

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Between Two Truths

Time in Physics and Fiji

Naoki Kasuga

article then presents an alternative ontology for the activities of Viti Kabani—one in which the absolute separation between qualia and quanta has been ruptured. Developing this theme also allows me to offer some responses to various criticisms of the

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Clay Clemens

–1998, 2005-present). Competing just in conservative Bavaria, the csu won absolute majorities in that state for five decades in federal and regional elections. Euphoria over longtime cdu leader Helmut Kohl’s reunification of Germany sustained broad support

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Ritual Infrastructure

Roads to Certainty in Two Brazilian Religions

Inger Sjørslev

socially as such. However, without the repetitive ritual manifestation, cosmological certainty could not be sustained. There is an absoluteness about the gods, which reveals itself in possession. 3 The presence of the gods in the possession ritual is

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L’Aimé qui est l’aimée

Can Levinas’ Beloved Be Queer?

Robin Podolsky

locate Levinas’ thinking in the historical context of the Shoah and the revulsion against Absolutes that this catastrophe elicited in major Western thinkers. It is no accident that such postmodern luminaries as Jacques Derrida and Jean-François Lyotard

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The Will of the People?

Carl Schmitt and Jean-Jacques Rousseau on a Key Question in Democratic Theory

Samuel Salzborn

large. However, it is not possible to calculate the most effective and sensible ratio in absolute terms, but only relative ones. The reason for this is that this phenomenon is qualitative and thus a social one, and cannot be resolved by simple

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Incarnation, Alienation, and Emancipation

A Sartrean Analysis of Filmic Violence

Daniel Sullivan

experiment’…The violent ‘game’ incarnates the type of violence characterizing the society in question.” 19 Sartre stresses that incarnating violence must be in some sense real . Violence always involves what he calls the Absolute – meaning, the ever

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Putting-out’s return

Informalization and differential subsumption in Thailand’s garment sector

Stephen Campbell

-outers could realize profit only as absolute surplus value and thus could only obtain increased profits through an extension of hours worked. It was only when the site of production shifted from the home to the factory, and ownership of the means of production

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Cary J. Nederman

splitter “separate[s] the good prince from the bad” in absolute terms that may not be crossed; kings are kings and tyrants are tyrants simpliciter ; (2) the lumper occupies a position directly opposing the splitter, denying the distinction between kings

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Colonising ‘Free’ Will

A Critique of Political Decolonisation in Ghana

Bernard Forjwuor

only does the critical attitude plunge into an ethical void – given that which must be radically insubordinate is held, indeed bound, to the reaffirmation of an absolute ground of thinking – it inflects once more upon itself to a logical justification