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Stefan Nygård, Matti La Mela, and Frank Nullmeier

, Hungary and Poland, Great Britain, France, Finland, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain , and the United States), as well as for regional and international organizations (EU, OECD, World Bank, and IMF) from the Bismarck era

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Katrin Sieg

’s Le Havre (Finland/France/Germany, 2011) and The Other Side of Hope (Finland, 2017) show older men shelter young refugees, and protect them against the French and Finnish governments’ attempts to detain and deport them, respectively. 23 Le Havre

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Alla Bolotova, Anastasia Karaseva, and Valeria Vasilyeva

bordering Finland and Norway. Thanks to special agreements with those countries, Russian citizens permanently living in the Murmansk region can obtain a Schengen visa more easily than those living in other parts of the country. That is why many young people

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Nationalism and Internationalism Reconciled

British Concepts for a New World Order during and after the World Wars

Antero Holmila and Pasi Ihalainen

in Time and Space: Historical, Discourse Analytical and Ethnographic Approaches to Multi-sited Language policy Discourse,” in Language policies in Finland and Sweden: Interdisciplinary and Multi-sited Comparisons , ed. Mia Halonen, pasi Ihalainen

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Heidi Hakkarainen

century. 94 The political interpretation of humanism also resonated in the Finnish public sphere in the second half of the nineteenth century, and humanism was often juxtaposed with religion. 95 The secularization of humanism also had vast

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Dreams of Prosperity – Enactments of Growth

The Rise and Fall of Farming in Varanger

Marianne Elisabeth Lien

Varanger peninsula, as seen through relics of the past in the present. Varanger is the most eastern part of Finnmark county, bordering Finland to the south, Russia to the east, and the Barents Sea to the north. Seventy-one degrees north, 30 degrees east, is

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Narrating the Second World War

History Textbooks and Nation Building in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Lina Klymenko

, northern Bukovina, and parts of Finland into the Soviet Union and unification of the Soviet people following the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact Reunification of western Belarus with Belarusian SSR and unification of the Belarusian people following the Molotov

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The Specter of Communism

Denmark, 1848

Bertel Nygaard

version of what the Finnish historian Henrik Stenius has dubbed a “translation culture”: a culture characterized by “asymmetrical relations” with other languages and cultures. 18 Accordingly, our study of the history of communism as a concept in Danish

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Anna Bara, Tero Mustonen, and Oxana Zemtsova

, there are some very bizarre statements, such as when Konstantinov refers to Luujavre (the central community/watershed in the Lovozero region) as a toponym meaning “strong lake.” The place name has been previously translated as “Lake of Bones” (in Finnish

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Putting Together the Anthropology of Tax and the Anthropology of Ethics

Soumhya Venkatesan

not doing what states ought to do, or is doing too much. For these reasons, they insist on their ethical freedom to oppose a tax-based morality. This is clear from Matti Eräsaari's article on a Finnish timebank's resistance to the state's insistence on