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Transit Migration in Niger

Stemming the Flows of Migrants, but at What Cost?

Sébastien Moretti

field of international migration, recently more attention has been paid to other levels of migration governance, including the role of the local authorities and cities ( Ahouga 2017 ). This “local turn” in migration management builds on the idea that

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‘Is Anthropology Legal?’

Anthropology and the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Cassandra Yuill

hopeful and murky, that we are being propelled to by the evolving legislation of governance. What Is the GDPR? By now, in Europe, our inboxes have been flooded with e-mails similar to Figure 1 alerting us to the update in privacy policies and requesting

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Natural Resources by Numbers

The Promise of “El uno por mil” in Ecuador’s Yasuní-ITT Oil Operations

Amelia Fiske

role of numerical calculations in the governance of subterranean resources. Quantification processes and their results constitute some of our most basic understandings of society and the environment, such as the untapped value of the Amazon in

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Grounding Rights

Populist and Peasant Conceptions of Entitlement in Rural Nicaragua

David Cooper

facto language of globalized governance and operate as a discursive mechanism by which diverse local particulars are bound up into the universalism of a (neo-)liberal global order ( Englund 2006 ; Goodale 2006 , 2007 ; Goodale and Merry 2007 ; Merry

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Eliana Elisabeth Diehl and Esther Jean Langdon

“interculturality”, defined as articulation and mutual respect in different sociocultural settings ( Brasil, 2002a ; Coelho & Shankland, 2011 ). Specific strategies and roles were introduced to guarantee political participation and governance through the creation

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Mimetic Governmentality, Colonialism, and the State

Patrice Ladwig and Ricardo Roque

colonial state sought to manage, control, and incorporate its indigenous subjects through mimetic strategies of governance and, conversely, how indigenous polities resorted to imitative practices in order to either engage with or oppose the presence of the

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The Hut-Hospital as Project and as Practice

Mimeses, Alterities, and Colonial Hierarchies

Cristiana Bastos

, to minimize the Otherness and potential hostility of the hospital as perceived by Africans. Or at least that was what the planners thought. I will approach the hut-hospital as a materialization of mimesis that became a technique of colonial governance

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The Complexity of History

Russia and Steven Pinker’s Thesis

Nancy Shields Kollmann

violent challenges to its claims to control labor, collect taxes, maintain public order, and enforce ideology. Other early modern European states faced similar challenges, but Russia’s modes of governance and criminal justice seem to have relied less on

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Shaun Hargreaves-Heap, Stefan Hudak, and Jeroen Huisman

Walter W. McMahon (2009) Higher Learning, Greater Good: The Private and Social Benefits of Higher Education

Review by Shaun Hargreaves-Heap

Alberto Amaral, Guy Neave, Christine Musselin and Peter Maassen (eds) (2009) European Integration and the Governance of Higher Education and Research

Review by Stefan Hudak

Jill Blackmore, Marie Brennan and Lew Zipin (eds) (2010) Re-positioning University Governance and Academic Work Review by Jeroen Huisman

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Nonrecording the “European refugee crisis” in Greece

Navigating through irregular bureaucracy

Katerina Rozakou

“buffer zones” in its outer peripheries ( Del Sarto 2010 ). Population governance and knowledge stopped being the mere focus of state control long ago and have expanded to a supranational level of (digital) surveillance ( Broeders 2011 ). The emergence of