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Walking to Write

Following Patrick Leigh Fermor across Europe

David Wills

guide to the mysterious world of Voodoo. More recently, Fermor, the man of action who in 1944 led a successful raid on Crete to kidnap the German commander, has himself become a character in fiction: he made a fleeting appearance as a “suave, thin young

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“We Are a Traveling People”

Tourism, Travel Journalism, and the Construction of a Modern National Identity in Sweden

Emilia Ljungberg

being tourists. Less emphasis has been placed on outbound tourism as a part of how national identities are constructed. One exception is Rudy Koshar’s article “‘What Ought to Be Seen’: Tourists’ Guidebooks and National Identities in Modern Germany and

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Jean-Paul Sartre

The Russian Teatr Interviews of 1956 and 1962

Dennis A. Gilbert and Diana L. Burgin

followed the liberation of France in 1944–1945 after the German Occupation, two plays in particular, Dirty Hands (1948) and Nekrassov (1955), undoubtedly caught the attention of the Soviet theater audience. 2 Following a tendentious reading of Dirty

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Kyle Michael James Shuttleworth and Nik Farrell Fox

incorporated mysticism wholesale, but that they radically transformed it. The authors begin with some preliminary discussion in the introduction, providing loose definitions of existentialism and mysticism. They then proceed to discuss the influence of German

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Mark S. Micale

that were signed. He also reminds us that, at the dawn of the nuclear age in the mid-1940s, the Manhattan Project helped the free world defeat both German fascism and Japanese imperialism. Unavoidably, our retrospective analysis of the Cold War reflects

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David Hawkes

order, and Eliot described his role as ‘trying to elucidate knotty points in that appalling document, the Peace Treaty’. The most pressing practical task facing him was the collection of war reparations from Germany. Germany had attempted to meet its

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Q1 Hamlet

The Sequence of Creation and Implications for the ‘Allowed Booke’

Charles Adams Kelly and Dayna Leigh Plehn

Shakespeare's subsequent partners) are also known to have been in Germany around 1590, 26 and a version of Hamlet was known to exist in England at this time. 27 English players are even thought to have played a pre-Q1 version of Hamlet in Germany, which

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Adam Hansen

?) Shakespeare had realized that ‘England’s strength lies in her unity’, and that ‘nothing could be achieved without a struggle’. Nazi Germany, too, would realize the benefits of employing Shakespeare in its service. For Hitler, Shakespeare was one of those

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An Anti-Imperial Mythology

The Radical Vision of Howards End

Charles Campbell

West Africa’, consciously omitting reference to Germany in deference to the half-German Schlegel women (136). His share of that trade has ‘almost doubled his income’ in two years and made ‘the man of business’ feel such power as can control the tides

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Gender, Curiosity, and the Grand Tour

Late-Eighteenth-Century British Travel Writing

Anna P.H. Geurts

2002 ). That a different analysis is possible, even while recognizing the degree of exceptionality of female international travel, has already been shown by Karin Baumgartner. She introduces the Parisian oeuvre of German journalist Helmina von Chézy