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Roads versus Rivers

Two Systems of Spatial Structuring in Northern Russia and Their Effects on Local Inhabitants

Kirill V. Istomin

, communication routes and facilities and particularly roads (including railways) have been attracting the strong interest of anthropologists. Research has been published on the social, cultural, and political role of roads (e.g., Harvey and Knox 2015 ; Kaschuba

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Andreas Weiß

the Norddeutscher Lloyd and Hamburg America lines. The German Shandong railway is already operating between Tsingtau and Tsehotien (256 km). Post offices are present in Tsingtau and Kiautschou, postal substations in Taputour and the harbors of

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Allan Mitchell, 1933—2016

Volker Berghahn

was rethought; fortifications, railway supply systems, and military hardware were modernized, all in order to try to overcome a condition of inferiority vis-à-vis the eastern neighbor that the French leadership thought was unacceptable. The second

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Organic Vehicles and Passengers

The Tsetse Fly as Transient Analytical Workspace

Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga

studies and STS can be broached that even further widens the arc of analysis beyond cars, trains, airplanes, bicycles, and city pedestrians, waves, cell phones, and highways, railways, flyways, cyberways, and waterways. 68 The concept of a transient

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‘The Expenditure of a Million of British Sovereigns in this Otherwise Miserable Place’

Frontier Wars, Public Debt and the Cape’s Non-racial Constitution

Jeff Peires

much smaller number of so-called ‘merchant’ interests, longer and better established and with much closer links to London. Crudely put, the ‘commercial’ interest wanted railways to enhance domestic production, the ‘merchant’ interest prioritised harbour

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Brett Holman

wartime. In The Invasion of 1910 he described how the Kaiser's army of spies would work to disrupt British mobilisation before the main body of German troops landed: The Southampton line of the London and South-Western Railway was destroyed – with

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Dhan Zunino Singh

of proximity, as Wolfgang Schivelbush shows through a comparison between the isolated compartment of the European railway and the shared space of the American car. 44 Jo Stanley claims that different relationships between sexuality and transport are

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James Longhurst, Sheila Dwyer, John Lennon, Zhenhua Chen, Rudi Volti, Gopalan Balachandran, Katarina Gephardt, Mathieu Flonneau, Kyle Shelton, and Fiona Wilkie

hybrid “rurban” infrastructure that incorporated country and small urban centers within the discourse and design of a national railway system—an ideological and material feat that produced a type of rail system very different from Belgium’s European and U

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Drawing Stereotypes

Europe and East Asia in Russian Political Caricature, 1900–1905

Zachary Hoffman

empire converged in Northeast Asia. As Russia expanded into the region via the Trans-Siberian Railway, it abutted not only China and Japan but also the European powers (notably Great Britain, France, and Germany) occupying “treaty ports” and spheres of

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Mediating the Rural Ideal

The Australian Town in Twentieth-Century Travel

Louise Prowse

new ways to access, experience and interpret the outdoors, in addition to the extensive railway network that had already linked the coast and city to country towns and rural outposts ( Greenwood 2011: 24 ; Griffiths 1987: 77 ; Symes 2013 ). In 1930