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The Gods of the Hunt

Stereotypes, Risk and National Identity in a Spanish Enclave in North Africa

Brian Campbell

). Lupton , D. ( 1999 ), Risk ( London : Routledge ). Macdonald , M. ( 1993 ), ‘ The Construction of Difference: An Anthropological Approach to Stereotypes ’, in S. Macdonald (ed.), Inside European Identities: Ethnography in Western Europe

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Vegetables and Social Relations in Norway and the Netherlands

A Comparative Analysis of Urban Allotment Gardeners

Esther J. Veen and Sebastian Eiter

, gardeners from Dublin and Belfast showed a willingness to disregard social and ethnopolitical categorizations ( Corcoran and Kettle 2015 ). Disadvantaged Gardeners in Well-Off Environments While many gardeners in our Western European context may be

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Listening with Displacement

Sound, Citizenship, and Disruptive Representations of Migration

Tom Western

nineteenth century, Western Europe has been the main political and cultural reference point ( Triandafyllidou and Gropas 2009: 958 ). On its installation as capital city, Athens was reimagined to fit fantasies of Greece as ur-Europa ( Herzfeld 1982

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Theory from the Peripheries

What Can the Anthropology of Postsocialism Offer to European Anthropology?

Ognjen Kojanić

, groundbreaking analyses of post-socialism can help us understand what is unfolding beyond CEE. In that sense, substantive notions of geographic areas (e.g. CEE and Western Europe) seem to be limiting. What is called for instead is a relational approach for

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Islam, Travel, and Learning

A Case Study on Indonesian Muslim Student Diasporas in Saudi Arabia

Sumanto Al Qurtuby

education (e.g., Malaysia, Turkey, or even Western countries such as Australia, the United States, and some Western European countries), some Muslim groups, particularly students with Salafi or Islamic traditionalist backgrounds, still consider the Middle

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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

The Social Worlds of Wheat

Jessica Barnes

as a grain. These companies originated in the nineteenth century as large trading families based in western Europe, who were able to exploit the expanding global trade of wheat ( Morgan 1979 ). There has been remarkable stability among these key

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Attila Tóth, Barbora Duží, Jan Vávra, Ján Supuka, Mária Bihuňová, Denisa Halajová, Stanislav Martinát, and Eva Nováková

less attractive parts on the urban periphery. Spatial development processes, such as suburbanization and urban sprawl common in many cities of Western Europe, suddenly appeared in large postcommunist cities in Central and Eastern Europe with an

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The Many Faces of the State

Living in Peace and Conflict in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

Nasir Uddin and Eva Gerharz

Western Europe: A Study of an Idea and Institution . Oxford : Martin Robertson . Enloe , Cynthia H. 1983 . Does Khaki Become You? The Militarisation of Women’s Lives . Cambridge : South End Press . Ferguson , James . 1994 . The Anti

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Recentering the South in Studies of Migration

Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

global South to North America and Western Europe (i.e., processes of South-North migration), in spite of the greater numerical significance of internal and cross-border migration within and across the countries of the global South (i.e., South

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Ayse Serap Avanoglu, Diana Riboli, Juan Javier Rivera Andía, Annalisa Butticci, Iain R. Edgar, Matan Shapiro, Brooke Schedneck, Mark Sedgwick, Suzane de Alencar Vieira, Nell Haynes, Sara Farhan, Fabián Bravo Vega, Marie Meudec, Nuno Domingos, Heidi Härkönen, Sergio González Varela, and Nathanael Homewood

published in Arabic in 1995, comparative studies of Islamic (mainly Sufi) and Western European philosophical theory and practice have become more common in various disciplines of the humanities. In these studies, clear-cut distinctions between West and East