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The anthropology of human-environment relations

Materialism with and without Marxism

Penny McCall Howard

The importance of understanding material human relations with their environments was a foundation of Marxism and remains essential to Marxist analysis. Recently, various materialist approaches have become influential in anthropology and other

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Meyer Fortes

The Person, the Role, the Theory

Adam Kuper

In July, 2015, Heonik Kwon convened a small conference to discuss the legacy of Meyer Fortes (William Wyse Professor of Social Anthropology at Cambridge, 1950–1973). A number of the participants had been students in the Cambridge department in the

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Legacies, Trajectories, and Comparison in the Anthropology of Buddhism

Nicolas Sihlé and Patrice Ladwig

The Project of an ‘Anthropology of Buddhism’ To the outside observer, the anthropology of Buddhism may give the impression of having already established a lineage (see, e.g., Robbins 2007: 5 ), perhaps especially visible from the 1960s to the 1990s

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Decolonizing Cambridge University

A Participant Observer’s View

Keith Hart

-colonial perspective needed now, seventy years after India’s independence and sixty years after Ghana’s?’ Perhaps policing the ‘canon’ is a collective and coercive process in the English department, but setting texts for social anthropology courses was hardly

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Comparison in the Anthropological Study of Plural Religious Environments

Birgit Meyer

Daan Beekers's plea for a comparative anthropology of Muslims and Christians occurs against the horizon of a current reappraisal of comparison, most recently articulated with vigor by Peter van der Veer (2016) in The Value of Comparison and

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Anthropology at the dawn of apartheid

Radcliffe-Brown and Malinowski’s South African engagements, 1919–1934

Isak Niehaus

anthropology requires strategic navigation and negotiating a nearly impossible balance between the competing interests of different stakeholders ( Meskell and Pels 2005 ). In this article, I contemplate how experiences during the early 1900s can inform present

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Placing Wellbeing

Anthropological Perspectives on Wellbeing and Place

Emilia Ferraro and Juan Pablo Sarmiento Barletti

-income Anglophone settings (cf. Atkinson et al. 2012a ; Fleuret and Aitkinson 2007 ). This Issue Anthropology’s explicit engagement with wellbeing debates is recent, compared to that of other disciplines, but critically necessary, as one of our collaborators has

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Is anthropology legal?

Earthquakes, blitzkrieg, and ethical futures

Edward Simpson

blitzkrieg (German): lighting war; sudden and surprise attack I do not know exactly when the age of objection dawned on the anthropological landscape. Those who lived in the houses close to Malinowski’s tent probably thought he was a queer cove on

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David Lempert

our discipline link anthropology directly to policies of the former US President Barack Obama 1 , whose mother was an anthropologist, as well as his half-sister. This essay examines the allegations made in a recent book by journalist Wayne Madsen

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Ghassan Hage

and critical of, and endeavouring to offer an alternative to, the way colonialism has marked and continues to mark anthropological thought and practice. When I started teaching in the late 1980s, I often found myself as the only ‘non-Anglo-Celtic’, as