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Blake Ewing

stretching of time-consciousness because it reappears, in secularized form, more than a thousand years later in Husserl’s use of the horizon concept in his discussion of the temporal experience of retention (memory) and protention (anticipation). 18 We

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Postcolonial Finance

The Political History of ‘Risk-Versus-Reward’ Investment in Emerging Markets

Cecilia Schultz

, anticipation and self-control – qualities that enable him to ‘resist her temptations’, to act rationally ( de Goede 2005: 33, original emphasis ). Rationality therefore implies self-discipline: ‘[I]f the gentleman we are treating of can not govern himself

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Anxious Breath

An Autoethnographic Exploration of Non-binary Queerness, Vulnerability, and Recognition in Step Out

Lara Bochmann and Erin Hampson

sense of control and its anticipation in approaching and crossing physical and metaphorical thresholds and the implications this can have for us. Although, while our experience of violence instigated the making of the film and has been an important

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Jan Ifversen

anticipations ( Vorgriffe ) might then be able to master the event and reduce the novelty of it. In other situations we are left uncertain, or we have to rely on concepts of uncertainty such as event and crisis. It is quite obvious that we live in times of

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Sephardi Ballads

A Spanish Legacy

Hilary Pomeroy

of the plot and outcome and the anticipation of the ballad's denouement added to the general enjoyment. 3 Ballads became an intrinsic part of daily life in the Jewish household. As, traditionally, they were sung unaccompanied, they were an ideal

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From Perception to Action

Sartre's Practical Phenomenology

Blake D. Scott

the role of intuition in light of the For-itself's anticipatory comportment, Sartre writes the following: We see nothing that we have not first of all foreseen . But, precisely, this foresight and this anticipation cannot themselves be pure

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Brand of Brothers?

The Humboldt Forum and the Myths of Innocence

Jonathan Bach

directly in the German word Unschuld . The second meaning we could call anticipatory, because it asserts the purity of an intention at a particular time in anticipation of its future loss. Innocence here refers to a state of being guileless, uncorrupted

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Beyond Binaries, Borders, and Boundaries

Mapping the City in John Rechy's City of Night

Eir-Anne Edgar

demarcate sexuality with “gay” and “straight” boundary lines are futile, as are police efforts to differentiate between “legal” and “illegal” activity. Anticipation about the novel from publishers helped make the book a projected New York Times

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“Coaching” Queer

Hospitality and the Categorical Imperative of LGBTQ Asylum Seeking in Lebanon and Turkey

Aydan Greatrick

struggle between their faith and their sexuality so they do feel that they are kind of judged by the other people who are not very religious or who do not care about religion” (practitioner, Beirut, 2017). As such, there is an anticipation among some queer

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Home and Away

The Politics of Life after Earth

Micha Rahder

twenty-first century, anticipation: “a moral economy in which the future sets the conditions of possibility for action in the present, in which the future is inhabited in the present” ( Adams et al. 2009: 249 ). Critical scholars can be fearful of the