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No Sabras in the Fields?

Sabra Artists in The Cameri Theatre, 1945–1953

Leah Gilula

was called, aimed to train actors for Israeli theaters, emphasized the lack of theater tradition in Israeli theater, underlined the cultural differences between the immigrants and the sabras and the problems of Hebrew heard on stage. To heal these ills

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Rianna Oelofsen

of ubuntu , the healing of breaches, the redressing of imbalances, the restoration of broken relationships … restorative justice is being served when efforts are being made to work for healing, for forgiveness and for reconciliation. ( Tutu 2000

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Anna Bara and Sveta Yamin-Pasternak

interchangeably, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Western Ukraine, and Poland. A chapter by Tatiana Buzekova presents an ethnographic study of practicing Neo-shamans in Bratislava and their contribution to the concept of healing against the backdrop of legal uncertainty

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Fatima Khan, Claudia Mitchell, and Marni Sommer

, experiences, and challenges. Jackie went on to do important work on healing classrooms with Rebecca Winthrop and other IRC colleagues. She called for us to focus on teacher development and support, based on who teachers are, including their strengths and

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The Madness of King Charles III

Shakespeare and the Modern Monarchy

Richard Wilson

described by Marc Bloch in The Royal Touch , when James, ‘who had been brought up in Scottish Calvinism, refused to accept a practice reminiscent of the abhorred cult of the Virgin’. 23 Thus, ‘he said could not see how he could heal the sick without a

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Stephan Dudeck

bear as deity and ancestor. It was already before he first met Vella that he started to write his poem “Summons” on the healing power of the bear, which he then dedicated to Vella. Vella himself answered this poem 12 years later to open a poetic

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Achieving Indigenous Environmental Justice in Canada

Deborah McGregor

, healing the Place is just as critical as healing the community or the individual. The land has also been a victim of historical trauma; the lands, the waters, and the animals have swallowed the blood, bones, ashes, and screams of our ancestors. Healing the

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Jan Ifversen

healing powers of the body. In its modern use, it instead designates the impossibility of such healing. A crisis emerges when society is incurably ill. Fourth, crisis is also a moment of truth when light is shed on characters and events. The famous

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Henglien Lisa Chen and David Orr

described as a ‘spiritual healing centre for mental disorder’ in West Java, showing a squatting, naked man rubbing furiously at his head, shackled feet chained in the corner of a room, and a prostrate man whose back is being rubbed raw in the course of

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The “Mangle” of Human Practice

Museu do Amanhã’s Artistic Staging as a Socioscientific Narrative on Climate Change

Rodanthi Tzanelli

technoscientific hegemony we find in organizations. One may even argue that the exhibit is used as a form of decolonial allegory, because it turns its back on the Western scientific narrative, even though it employs in its staging (“we are healed by ancient magic