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Tweens as Technofeminists

Exploring Girlhood Identity in Technology Camp

Jen England and Robert Cannella

, script, record, and edit their podcasts. Producing and sharing podcasts allowed us to move away from curricular “gender and generational ideologies that keep female youth limited to the feminized position of consumer” and toward facilitating girls

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Statutory Rape or Postfeminism in Pretty Little Liars?

Shara Crookston

?”), it is Aria who says that she “wants to know more about [Ezra] too.” On the surface, this seems to be the beginning of a culturally acceptable romance between two equals, reinforcing a postfeminist ideology that Aria is acting with personal autonomy in

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Being a Responsible Violent Girl?

Exploring Female Violence, Self-management, and ADHD

Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist and Linda Arnell

Adolescent Psychiatric Out-patients. A Five-year Cohort .” European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 12 ( 1 ): 30 – 35 . 10.1007/s00787-003-0309-3 McAvoy , Jean . 2015 . “ From Ideology to Feeling: Discourse, Emotion, and an Analytic Synthesis

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“Be Prepared!” (But Not Too Prepared)

Scouting, Soldiering, and Boys’ Roles in World War I

Lucy Andrew

’ anticipated subsidiary role in war behind a layer of militaristic rhetoric led to a number of comic assaults upon Scouting ideology and propaganda. As Robert H. MacDonald observes, Boy Scouts “were not, of course real soldiers, and their link to the army was

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Marie Puysségur

, off-screen), are too poor to allow her to continue in the traditional lycée system. This scene, of the entire film, addresses most explicitly the failure of France's universalist Republican ideology in the face of the racial, gendered, and geographic

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Emily Bent

in which social justice counts. Because we believe in more than ideologies of individuality and empowered isolation, girl activism networks must trouble exceptional girlhood tropes. Endsley (2018) notes that in her performative labor, “walking with

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Chung-Hao Ku

between children and the future produces an ideology of reproductive futurism in securing “the absolute privilege of heteronormativity by rendering unthinkable, by casting outside the political domain, the possibility of a queer resistance to this

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“I Love You, Guys”

A Study of Inclusive Masculinities among High School Cross-Country Runners

Luis Morales and Edward Caffyn-Parsons

2011 ), modern youth have been documented as increasingly accepting of homosexuality and as not basing their ideologies in homophobia ( Baunach 2012 ; Keleher and Smith 2012 ; McCormack 2013), maintaining friendships with gay peers ( McCormack 2011

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“Because There Are Young Women Behind Me”

Learning from the Testimonios of Young Undocumented Women Advocates

Carolina Silva

ideologies and strategies behind the immigrant youth movement. In the early 2000s, undocumented youth were made the face of the immigrant rights movement and were trained to tell their stories to appeal to mainstream American audiences. Immigrant rights