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To Bear Witness After the Era of the Witness

The Projects of Christophe Boltanski and Ivan Jablonka

Donald Reid

antisemitic ideologies of the families from which she came, although she maintained contact with her birth family. One of her brothers was an enthusiastic supporter of Marshall Pétain and a Vichy civil servant. A niece who fell in love with a German officer

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Paul Jankowski, Clifford Rosenberg, and Rebecca Pulju

, stability, and coherence of Republican ideology and its role in decision making over the course of the twentieth century. Gunnar Trumbull, Consumer Lending in France and America: Credit and Welfare (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014). Review by

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Conflicted Power of the Pen

The Impact of French Internment on the Pacifist Convictions and Literary Imagination of Lion Feuchtwanger

Nicole Dombrowski Risser

1940s interested in his time in occupied France and how the experience shaped the ideologies he embraced (and rejected). 2 Feuchtwanger first made a name for himself as a passionate believer in pacifism. In this pursuit he was not alone. A generation of

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Fanny Colonna

Thinking Differently Under Colonialism

Arthur Asseraf

divide: “there is no scholarship absolved of sin by decolonization, nor, with certain exceptions, of links to the ideological and practical objects of such scholarship, and that goes for national (that is, Algerian) scholars as well as for others. In

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Globalizing the History of French Decolonization

Jessica Lynne Pearson

Press, 2002); Daniel Maul, Human Rights, Development and Decolonization: The International Labour Organization, 1940–1970 (Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012); Mark Mazower, No Enchanted Palace : The End of Empire and the Ideological Origins

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What Was So Funny about Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob (1973)

A Comedic Film between History and Memory

Michael Mulvey

, who condemned the conversations for giving readers a favorable opinion of Rabbi Jacob . In an unsigned 15 November 1973 letter, Cahiers du Cinema accused Libération of failing to engage in an ideological struggle against Rabbi Jacob and accused

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Trying on the Veil

Sexual Autonomy and the End of the French Republic in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

Seth Armus

Le Pen articulates her party’s defense of France, and the left-of-center host dismissively, and mechanically, responds with ideological arrogance: “But which France?” His intrusion, presumably meant to expose the essentialist nature of the French

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Allan Mitchell, 1933—2016

Volker Berghahn

, he moves to the underlying ideological conflicts, the question of modern housing and the priorities to be given to women and their children. In light of his essentially institutional approach and focus on influences exerted by Germany, this book does

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Vincent Pons

influence electoral campaigns. Shouldn’t politics be less about productivity and maximizing the number of votes won and more about the desire and need to engage in ideological and policy debate? Shouldn’t we worry that understanding the psychological

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Patrick Young, David Looseley, Elayne Oliphant, and Kolja Lindner

Nouvelle Laïcité . Yet, as the Baby Loup controversy made starkly clear a deep ideological shift is transforming French secularism; Vauchez and Valentin specifically address this shift, which they argue, “played against human rights” (24). This new