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Peter Levine

recover—with what new leaders, financial models, objectives, and constituencies. Not as a political theorist but as someone who serves on the boards of five US nonprofit organizations, I am concerned about this aspect of the crisis. Organizations may not

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On Counterrevolution

Semantic Investigations of a Counterconcept during the French Revolution

Friedemann Pestel

counterrevolution is interpreted primarily in terms of ideological coherence or rather in terms of political and social divergence. The first “coherent” strand importantly relies on Jacques Godechot’s model of counterrevolutionary doctrine and action that he saw as

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Barbara Prainsack

state to protect vulnerable groups in a stewardship state model (e.g., Saltman and Ferroussier-Davis 2000 ). If governments and public authorities call upon people to do something costly—such as staying at home, home-schooling their children, or

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Latin America and COVID-19

Political Rights and Presidential Leadership to the Test

Brigitte Weiffen

poverty ( Blofield et al. 2020 ). Chile, Bolivia, and Venezuela are cases in point. In Chile, long considered to be a model of democracy and prosperity in the region, discontent over socio-economic inequality, corruption, and deficient state services

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Samuel Moyn and Jean-Paul Gagnon

of conflict in democracy's ongoing “model wars”. What do you make of all this? Moyn: It's not clear to me that the dualistic approach you helpfully outline applies to every concept in the same way. Some not only owe their origins but remain more

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Lauri Rapeli and Inga Saikkonen

findings from Spain already indicate, a long-term repercussion could be that experts are given a stronger voice in policy-making, pushing representative democracy a notch toward a more technocratic model of democracy. In terms of the effects of the COVID

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Milja Kurki

of promoting classical models of democracy. And it is not just to revive a more capacious international order as classically conceived. It is to see how our societies metabolize the world beyond the human and it is to think through relationalities and

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Centralized or Decentralized

Which Governance Systems are Having a “Good” Pandemic?

Jennifer Gaskell and Gerry Stoker

tackle the outbreak ( UK government 2020 ). At the time there were 51 cases and no fatalities in the UK ( Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK 2020 ). This was then followed two weeks later by a rapid change in tone and course in response to a model by a team

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Filimon Peonidis

, but supposedly epistemically competent, electoral body selected by lot. In my criticisms I draw significantly on a comprehensive normative model of democracy— democracy as popular sovereignty (DPS)—I have defended elsewhere, the basic tenet of which

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Benoît Godin

ancients at the same time. Bacon does not launch an attack on the ancients nor present philosophy: “the honour and reverence due to the ancients remains intact and inviolate.” Bacon’s project is also “copied from a very ancient model,” that of “the world