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The Taming of the Tigress

Faṭima Rushdī and the First Performance of Shrew in Arabic

David C. Moberly

Arabic ( fuṣḥā ) just three years later, in 1933, at the request of the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Egyptian theatre critics who reviewed the 1930 performance present Shakespeare as an authority on the nature of women and their role in the marriage

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“For a Martyr from Afar”

A Response to Laila Soliman’s No Time for Art

Caroline Rooney

website dedicated to the documentary performance series “No Time for Art” conceived and directed by Laila Soliman. This series wants to confront Egyptian and other audiences with the realities of living under a brutal military junta, that has reigned Egypt

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Ethnographies of Private Security

Erella Grassiani and Tessa Diphoorn

articles that depict how these actors operate in particular localities—for example, Daniel Goldstein’s (2015) analysis of the performance of local sovereignty in Bolivia, Erella Grassiani and Lior Volinz’s (2015) piece on how policing (re

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Provincial Shakespeare

Donald Wolfit, Marginality, and The Merry Wives of Windsor

Christopher Marlow

beinge, at suche tyme as the same Alderman and Assistaunt{es} shalbe there p{re}sent them selves’. 14 Frustratingly, no further reference to the school's role as a performance venue is made, nor is any alternative Newark venue mentioned. However, the

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Rory Loughnane

self-reproach might be his most memorable stage quality. Hamlet , the longer version that most know, provides for its characters a surplus of words and ideas, reasons and motivations. A performance of either the complete second quarto (Q2) or Folio (F

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Vasiliki P. Neofotistos

are traced to Alexander the Great, not to Slavic tribes that settled in the Balkans in the sixth and seventh centuries, as posited by the socialist regime in the former Yugoslavia. In the process, as I will show, the performance of the national

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The Magic of Bureaucracy

Repatriation as Ceremony

Laura Peers

ceremonies we usually think of as part of repatriation events are Indigenous—prayer, song, and dance—the administrative actions involved in repatriation are also ceremonies in the anthropological sense, performances of corporate identity and relations of

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The Race for Third

Small Parties in the 2017 Bundestag Election

David F. Patton

in turn, and considers their recent performances, their goals, campaign strategies, and election results. Finally, it examines why their electoral gains have not led to greater executive power. Growing Support for the Lesser Parties: A Long Wave or

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The Religious Foundations of Capoeira Angola

The Cosmopolitics of an Apparently Non-religious Practice

Sergio González Varela

circle called a roda ( Lewis 1992 ). Other capoeira players typically help the audience form the circle, and advanced practitioners are the ones in charge of playing the live music that accompanies the performance. Depending on styles, different

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Repatriation and Ritual, Repatriation as Ritual

Laura Peers, Lotten Gustafsson Reinius, and Jennifer Shannon

survival. The editors and authors of this special section of Museum Worlds have taken a different set of perspectives. We explore repatriation as ritual: a set of highlighted performances enacting cosmological beliefs for a special purpose, deeply