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Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

-called objective reality and the subjective reality people are coping with, so we will dedicate some extra attention to the context of the first article. Harry Nijhuis and Laurent van der Maesen (2000: 139) published a study about the philosophy of modern public

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Monique Deveaux

. 2010 . “ Disentangling Diversity in Deliberative Democracy .” Journal of Political Philosophy 18 ( 1 ): 32 – 63 . 10.1111/j.1467-9760.2009.00342.x Baiocchi , Gianpaolo . 2005 . Militants and Citizens: The Politics of Participatory Democracy in

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From “De Facto King” to Peasants’ Communes

A Struggle for Representation in the Discourse of the Polish Great Emigration, 1832–1846/48

Piotr Kuligowski

artificial science or foreign philosophy but on pondering over the Bible—were common among the Polish peasants. Thus, the Polish radicals believed that the people's will in politics should be pursued directly. It was not to be a controlled participation with

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Stefan Nygård, Matti La Mela, and Frank Nullmeier

within the printing paradigm by drawing on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. For Kant, a copy of a work of art could always be distinguished from the original, and as such, the original was not in need of protection. Literature, on the other hand, had to

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Tolerating the Conditionally Tolerant

The Uneasy Case of Salvation Religions

William A. Edmundson

maintained only by the oppressive use of state power, with all its official crimes and the inevitable brutality and cruelties, followed by the corruption of religion, philosophy, and science. ( JF 34) This purplish fact applies as much to comprehensive

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Deliberative Democracy

Taking Stock and Looking Ahead - Selen A. Ercan with André Bächtiger

Selen A. Ercan and André Bächtiger

:// . Waldron , Jeremy . 2013 . “ Political Political Theory: An Inaugural Lecture .” The Journal of Political Philosophy 21 : 1 – 13 . 10.1111/jopp.12007 Warren , Mark E. 2017 . “ A Problem-Based Approach to Democratic Theory .” American

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William R. Caspary

deep connection between direct action and participatory governance. Conclusion: Direct Action and Democratic Participation If Dewey disappoints as an explicit theorist of direct action, his pragmatist philosophy—with its rejection of the dichotomies of

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Science, Customs, and the Modern Subject

From Emulation to Education in the Semantics of Spanish Enlightenment

Pablo Sánchez León

harbor and nurture wider issues of knowledge ranging from moral reflection and scientific methodology to political philosophy: revolving around the wide semantic field of sociability, its interests encompassed all kinds of traits and human exchanges

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Belonging to Spontaneous Order

Hayek, Pluralism, Democracy

Stephanie Erev

Introduction: Neoliberalism and Democracy Neoliberalism, and here I will focus on American neoliberalism, is a social, political, and economic philosophy which asserts that market relations, in Pierre Dardot and Christian Laval's words

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Timo Pankakoski and Antto Vihma

Guattari) and still tacitly implied the whole. While these questions arose mainly in aesthetics and philosophy, in social theory the central matter of dispute was whether fragmentation of human culture was a sign of mechanization and a detrimental effect of