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Landscapes and Races in Early Twentieth-Century Peru

The Travels of José Uriel García and Aurelio Miró Quesada Sosa

Rupert J. M. Medd

relations of power … existed and acted simultaneously … in a single and whole structure of power” (2008: 221). This foresight permitted him to develop theories that colonialism incorporated the control of economy, authority, race, subjectivity, and

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Constructing Difference and Imperial Strategy

Contrasting Representations of Irish and Zionist Nationalism in British Political Discourse (1917–1922)

Maggy Hary

that kept alive the desire to break up the Union, Balfour answered: Judging by Nationalist speeches you might suppose that it was the destruction by England of Irish institutions, built up by an Irish race and giving political unity to an Irish nation

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Amélie Auzoux

multiple des peuples. En cela, Larbaud semble avoir retenu la leçon de Taine: [Au siècle dernier] on se représentait les hommes de toute race et de tout siècle comme à peu près semblables, le Grec, le barbare, l’Indou, l’homme de la Renaissance et l

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Amy Cox Hall, Sergio González Varela, Jessica S.R. Robinson, Peter Weisensel, and David Wills

, interpretation, and development of different body skills. One wonders if it is the same to be an American, African, or an Asian capoeira pilgrim, or whether nationality or race plays a role or not as a ballroom dance practitioner. These and other similar

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Katherine Weikert and Elena Woodacre

2015, . 17 For a limited number of examples, see M. Lindsay Kaplan, “Jessica’s Mother: Medieval Constructions of Jewish Race and Gender in ‘The Merchant

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Shakespeare’s Orientalism Revisited

A Postcolonial Study of the Appropriation of Arabic/Islamic Allusions and Matters in the Bard’s Oeuvre

Mahmoud F. Al-Shetawi

Oriental peoples. Incidentally, Shakespeare does not use the word ‘Arab’ anywhere in his canon, but he clearly uses the word ‘Saracen’ to refer to the Arab race. In medieval literature, Saracens in particular refer to the followers of Mohammed, that is

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Andrew Sanders

and ‘happy’ Eden unestablished. Later in Book III we are told of ‘this new happy race of men’ whom God has created for his service to replace the fallen angels. 14 In Book IV, the Garden of Eden has become a ‘happy rural seat’ fit for this ‘happy race

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Linda Gruen

cultural refinement, though she lauded certain gender freedoms not yet widely available to women in her own country. We should keep in mind that despite certain freedoms, white, middle-class US females, because of their race and gender, were still subject

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Robert Shaughnessy

virtue of gender, race and, especially, class, are frequently alienated by, or excluded from them. As Falconer recognises, engaging working-class young people with Shakespeare is a complex business, fraught with ambivalence, on the one hand an opportunity

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From Exoticism to Authenticity

Textbooks during French Colonization and the Modern Literature of Global Tourism

Claudine Moïse

antinomic to the white, civilized race. Nowadays, individualism prevails: expressing both egotism and withdrawal, inwardly looking into a narcissistic EGO, as conceived in the 1980s, 5 but also meaning “individuation” 6 and construction of the self in the