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Migration to the “First Large Suburban Ghetto” in America

Korean Immigrant Merchants in South Central Los Angeles in the 1980s

Chanhaeng Lee

scholars to believe that race relations in Los Angeles were better than those in other cities. For example, various issues involving Korean immigrants were subjects of discussion at a 1978 conference held in Los Angeles to celebrate the seventy

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Félix Germain

classes and the intellectual elite. In hindsight, for African-American men of the late 1920s, this seemingly benign career choice was a political statement. Race relations in France and French perceptions of African Americans likely also fueled Cook

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Cècile Mathieu

Translator : Matthew Roy

peuple “people” (13), peuplade “tribe, people” (3), tribu “tribe” (3), race (2), dynastie “dynasty” (3), and population (1), effacing the individuals in favor of the groups they constitute. Far from being meaningless, this division along the

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Knitted Naked Suits and Shedding Skins

The Body Politics of Popfeminist Musical Performances in the Twenty-first Century

Maria Stehle

… recalibrate time, perception, and visibility.” 31 Feminisms: Gender and Neoliberalism Popfeminists imagine feminist communities in the face of a neoliberal economic reality where, together with social class, race, and religion, gender remains one of

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Romanticizing Difference

Identities in Transformation after World War I

Nadia Malinovich

, these representations could be invoked for many different political or ideological ends. In the introduction to Empire’s Children: Race, Filiation and Citizenship in the French Colonies , Emmanuelle Saada notes her surprise in discovering a reference to

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Yan Slobodkin

, nutrition unexpectedly encouraged a mutable and controllable idea of race. 4 A decade later, nutrition had become a primary framework for understanding and managing not only workers, but society in general. Fulfilling the nutritional needs of men, women, and

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Thomas Klikauer

supported through the so-called “identitarian” movement identifying itself with Germany’s race-based Volk and the radical-right “ Reichsbürger [sovereign citizens] who tend to be more violent” (159)—even killing a police officer once—and advocating that

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, at home, and in migration, intersections of race, gender, and class, contrasts between rural and urban areas, or the multiple role of religious identities and legal statuses. Reconstructing those social realities will require new archives, of labor

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Christopher E. Forth

examined more closely the role played by empire as a mediating and enabling factor in the production of metropolitan experiences of race, gender, sexuality, and the body. Insights gleaned from the history of greater France shed new light on some generally

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Pointing Fingers at the Media?

Coverage of the 2017 Bundestag Election

Alexander Beyer and Steven Weldon

long recognized the power of psychological attachment to in-groups for understanding political behavior. Much of this research has focused on the power of partisan identity. 19 Nevertheless, race and ethnicity can play an even more powerful role in