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Owen White and Elizabeth Heath

, such as the wide stretches of the nineteenth century that witnessed the transition from the first to the second wave of French imperialism. To be sure, historians of Algeria and the “old colonies” have long considered the social and political structures

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Periphery and Intimacy in Anti-Imperial Culture and Politics

From French Others to Othering Frenchness

Burleigh Hendrickson

's brutal war with Algeria, Fanon's commentaries on identity gained complexity, as he began to differentiate among French others. To foster a new, postcolonial identity, one needed to uproot the entire colonial system. Fanon moved to Algeria in 1953 to

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Aaron Freundschuh, Jonah D. Levy, Patricia Lorcin, Alexis Spire, Steven Zdatny, Caroline Ford, Minayo Nasiali, George Ross, William Poulin-Deltour, and Kathryn Kleppinger

cultural dimensions of magic. The book is divided into seven chapters, of which only four deal directly with activities in Algeria, the remaining three chapters being more concerned with the analogies between magic and illusionary performance or

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Patrick Young, David Looseley, Elayne Oliphant, and Kolja Lindner

beyond the forty-four days of the bombardment. Barnett Singer, The Americanization of France: Searching for Happiness after the Algerian War (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2013). Review by David Looseley, University of Leeds This is a stimulating

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Edward Berenson, Elinor Accampo, Joseph Bohling, and Michael Seidman

currency among French imperialists precisely at the time of the Suez crisis and the Algerian war. France needed the political and moral support of its European partners to save its colonies. One of the more engaging parts of the authors’ analysis concerns

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European Comic Art Reaches Its Tenth Year

The Editors

transnational identity. We have interpreted the word ‘European’ in our title as extending to comics from nations whose history is intertwined with that of Europe through conquest, conflict and continuing cultural exchange, such as Algeria, Argentina, India and

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Globalizing the History of French Decolonization

Jessica Lynne Pearson

his article on French military strategy during the Algerian War, Terrence Peterson illuminates the global dimensions of the conflict, focusing on the ways that French military thinking drew from models abroad. Debates about the nature of “modern” war

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Aro Velmet and Rachel Kantrowitz

established the difference of Tunisian Jews both from non-Jewish inhabitants of Tunis, as well as from French Jews, Parks adds a valuable contribution to the history of North African Jews. Historians have hitherto focused mainly on Algerian Jews, and on

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Wake in Guangzhou

The History of the Earth

Maria Thereza Alves

opportunities for the influx of seeds. Trains, cars, ships, and animals also transport seeds. Wind and rain sweep seeds from one place to the other. The investigation of the arrival of seeds in Guangzhou began with Ibn Battuta, a Berber from Algeria who was a

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Mohamed Assaf and Kate Clanchy

three thousand times, including by Muslim footballers, French Algerian beauticians, and British poets, among others. It is not just his “cute” photo: it is because inside the elegant Arabic shadows and flowers we see a small child turning the globe and