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Todd Berliner

-life situations. By contrast, ideologically complicated Hollywood films—such as The Third Man (|Carol Reed, 1949), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Don Siegel, 1956), The Last Temptation of Christ (Martin Scorsese, 1988), and The Dark Knight (2008)—advance

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Christopher E. Forth

the Times put it, his was “the religion of a fighting, confident people, reverencing duty, as they conceive it, fearless of all else, by no means willing to turn the [other] cheek” (152). At the end of the century, “Britain eschewed the Christ

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Toward a Comparative Anthropology of Muslim and Christian Lived Religion

Daan Beekers

Comparison: Two Paradigms .” In Comparative Anthropology , ed. Ladislav Holy , 1 – 21 . Oxford : Basil Blackwell . Ibrahim , Murtala . 2017 . “ Oral Transmission of the Sacred: Preaching in Christ Embassy and NASFAT in Abuja .” Journal of Religion

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Meike J. de Goede

Mayama. Mayama was his end. When he had left, people prophesized …. André Matsoua is the savior of the blacks; Jesus Christ is the savior of the whites. He himself came to me in a vision. He said: “I came for the first time to liberate the white race. I

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Beyond Economy and Religion

Resources and Socio-cosmic Fields in Odisha, India

Roland Hardenberg

has never lost its embedment in neo-classical theories of action. Resources are often considered as factors of production, as organizational requirements for economic success, or as means of sustaining economic systems ( Müller-Christ 2011: 167

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“Till I Have Done All That I Can”

An Auxiliary Nurse’s Memories of World War I

Michelle Moravec

salutes Christ on the Cross as he supports a wounded French soldier off the field of battle. 60 As Jonathan Ebel argues in Faith in the Fight , both soldiers and war workers invested the Great War with “religious meaning,” including “modern forms of

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John Eade

, St. Bernadette, and the pilgrim toward the miraculous potential of the Host as the Body of Christ held before the serried ranks of malades . During the climax of the ceremony there was potential for very dramatic and public claims of healing, and

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David Schweikart

Camus infers: That is the mission of the proletariat: to bring forth supreme dignity from supreme humiliation. Through its suffering and its struggles, it is Christ in human form redeeming the collective sin of alienation. […] But this Christ is, at the

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Hamlet’s Catch-22

A Psychoanalytic Reading of Hamlet and Catch-22

Bahareh Azad and Pyeaam Abbasi

away from Huple. The corporal played it dumb. ‘What?’ he asked. ‘Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?’ ‘I’m afraid I don’t understand.’ ‘Ou sont les Neigedens d’antan?’ Yossarian said to make it easier for him. ‘Parlez en anglais, for Christ’s sake

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“Give Me Back My Son!”

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Emotion Talk, and the Gendering of Political Rhetoric

Linda E. Mitchell

legates for far less significant causes, has failed to do so despite the “tears … of so many provinces” and suggests that money is at the root of his reluctance: “Profit makes legates today, not respect for Christ.” Although Celestine did move to