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Emergent Police States

Racialized Pacification and Police Moralism from Rio's Favelas to Bolsonaro

Tomas Salem and Bjørn Enge Bertelsen

-Century Ecuador . Stanford, CA : Stanford University Press . Mingardi , Guaracy . 2015 . “ Apresentação .” In Bala perdida: A violência policial no Brasil e os desafios para sua superação , ed. Bernardo Kucinski , Christian Ingo Lenz Dunker

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Creating the People as ‘One’?

On Democracy and Its Other

Marta Nunes da Costa

Chavez, Ecuador under Rafael Correa, Bolivia under Morales, among others) ‘the people is embodied in a leader’ (De la Torre 2013: 10) , which is what right-wing populists in Europe try to do. Concluding Remarks As Guterres (the UN High Commissioner for

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Julien Brachet, Victoria L. Klinkert, Cory Rodgers, Robtel Neajai Pailey, Elieth Eyebiyi, Rachel Benchekroun, Grzegorz Micek, Natasha N. Iskander, Aydan Greatrick, Alexandra Bousiou, and Anne White

Ventanillas de Salud , a window for health services, and the Plazas Communitarias, an education program. The third chapter examines the collaborative processes of learning and resource sharing through which the consular services of Colombia, Ecuador, El

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Parks, Proxies, and People

Ideology, Epistemology, and the Measurement of Human Population Growth on Protected Area Edges

David M. Hoffman

cited as indicative of this trend include: the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador (Peter Scholte 2003 ; Sherbinin and Freudenberger 1998 ), the Waza-Logone ICDP in west central Africa (Peter Scholte 2003 ; Sherbinin and Freudenberger 1998 ), Guatemala

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Dunas costeras en Veracruz, México

Conservación y uso para la cohesión social desde la percepción local

María Ángeles Piñar-Álvarez, Astrid Wojtarowski-Leal, and María Luisa Martínez-Vázquez

-Álvarez , M.A. ( 2002 ). El sistema financiero al servicio el desarrollo rural sustentable . Quito, Ecuador : Ed. Abya-Yala . Reyes-García , V. , & Martí-Sanz , N. ( 2007 ). Etnoecología: punto de encuentro entre naturaleza y cultura . Ecosistemas

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A World in the Making

Discovering the Future in the Hispanic World

Javier Fernández-Sebastián

Translator : Mark Hounsell

: Banco Central del Ecuador, 2005). 16 Goldgel, Cuando lo nuevo conquistó América , 62. 17 Javier Fernández-Sebastián, “‘Riding the Devil’s Steed’: Historical Acceleration in an Age of Revolutions,” in Political Concepts and Time: New Approaches to

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Toward Comprehensive Conceptualizations of Contemporary Public Health

Participation as the Cornerstone of Appropriate Methodologies

Harry Nijhuis

-Nature Development in Ecuador .” International Journal of Social Quality 5 ( 2 ): 7 – 28 . 10.3167/IJSQ.2015.050202 Ward , P. R. , S. B. Meyer , F. Verity , T. K. Gill , and T. C. N. Luong . 2011 . “ Complex Problems Require Complex Solutions: The

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Recentering the South in Studies of Migration

Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

and roles of countries on the European borderlands, such as Turkey or Ukraine ( Düvell and Vollmer 2009 ; Içduygu and Yükseker 2012 ). In contrast, the special section explores the ways that state-level and local actors in six countries—Ecuador

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Le moment Lamennais

Modern Slavery and the Re-description of People (and Democracy) in Spain and Chile

Gonzalo Capellán

political repression in Guayaquil (Ecuador) shortly before his death. 34 Following his return from exile in 1839, Bilbao had not yet traveled to Paris, nor had he met Lamennais in person. As such, Bilbao had not yet become familiar with all of the latter

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Eleanor Sterling, Tamara Ticktin, Tē Kipa Kepa Morgan, Georgina Cullman, Diana Alvira, Pelika Andrade, Nadia Bergamini, Erin Betley, Kate Burrows, Sophie Caillon, Joachim Claudet, Rachel Dacks, Pablo Eyzaguirre, Chris Filardi, Nadav Gazit, Christian Giardina, Stacy Jupiter, Kealohanuiopuna Kinney, Joe McCarter, Manuel Mejia, Kanoe Morishige, Jennifer Newell, Lihla Noori, John Parks, Pua’ala Pascua, Ashwin Ravikumar, Jamie Tanguay, Amanda Sigouin, Tina Stege, Mark Stege, and Alaka Wali

Visitadas: Fortalezas Sociales Y Uso De Recursos/Human Communities Visited: Social Assets and Use of Resources .” In Ecuador, Perú: Cuyabeno-Güeppí. Rapid Biological Inventories Report 20 , ed. William S. Alverson , Corine Vriesendorp , Álvaro Del