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A Battle For Sanity

The 1961 Withdrawal from the Ontario Hockey Association by the St. Michael’s Majors

Alexandra Mountain

In October 2014, several Canadian hockey players filed a $180 million class-action lawsuit against their former employer, the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). The suit alleged that the most prestigious junior hockey league in the world deliberately

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Veronika Novoselova

often, feminist research on body image focuses on white, middle-class, able-bodied females, and Rice admits her initial difficulty with recruiting diverse participants. To ground her research in a multiplicity of voices, Rice reached participants from

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“Be Prepared!” (But Not Too Prepared)

Scouting, Soldiering, and Boys’ Roles in World War I

Lucy Andrew

catching were “from the much maligned East End and comparably degenerate working-class areas of the larger British cities”—boys who were, perhaps, most at risk of succumbing to physical deterioration (1991: 175). The patchwork style of Scouting for Boys

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Naughtiest Girls, Go Girls, and Glitterbombs

Exploding Schoolgirl Fictions

Lucinda McKnight

Walkerdine’s academic Schoolgirl Fictions (1990) , and my recently completed and bound thesis, The Glitterbomb: Designing Curriculum and Identity with Girls’ Popular Culture (2014). These books in my bookshelves as a white, Anglo middle-class Australian

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Mixed Message Media

Girls’ Voices and Civic Engagement in Student Journalism

Piotr S. Bobkowski and Genelle I. Belmas

extracurricular journalism opportunities, and approximately 18 percent of US students in grades 10 to 12 take journalism classes or produce student news publications or digital media ( Bobkowski et al. 2012 , 2017). While white students are more likely than non

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Overlapping Time and Place

Early Modern England’s Girlhood Discourse and Indigenous Girlhood in the Dominion of Canada (1684-1860)

Haidee Smith Lefebvre

hereditary Mohawk chief and an upper class Englishwoman. Tekahionwake witnessed settlers displacing fur trade society and transforming Indigenous society in part by subjugating Indigenous women. Her essay provides a detailed account of the fictional Indian

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Claudia Mitchell

the girls in these activities … as part of a socialization process” and makes it clear that this participation must be considered critically as “formative experience in which class, age, gender, and ethnic distinctions define certain tasks as girls

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April Mandrona

marginalized group (see Minow 1986 ) but, surely, “[t]o talk of ‘children’ is to talk of a complex and densely varied class of people and to gloss over all that difference” ( Jones 2001: 175 ). As noted by Erica Burman, “a focus on gender illuminates a key way

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Tehmina Pirzada

, shopping, wearing make-up, and occasionally skipping class. However, her desire to challenge the status quo that marginalizes people is what makes her extraordinary. In Going Gogi (2009), we see Gogi working in a village and talking about the hard (often

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“Something Good Distracts Us from the Bad”

Girls Cultivating Disruption

Crystal Leigh Endsley

better be good. We were going to spend that afternoon making use of a literary and feminist tradition designed to explore how girls “engage with the complex identificatory possibilities … to negotiate their gendered, raced, classed, and sexed identities