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Željka Janković and Svetlana Stefanović

nationalism within nation-states, competitive relations between women organized in social democratic parties and feminists from the upper class, and initiatives and participation in international feminist organizations. Within the chapter “Women’s Emancipation

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Sharon A. Kowalsky

contributed to the creation of new Romanian class and national identities, as governesses transmitted Western ideals to their students while also adapting to the realities and demands of the local context. Working in both private homes and state

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Frédéric Sawicki

pamphlets in public places, and organize petitions and demonstrations (especially during the national campaign). These were the standard practices of working-class mass parties, borrowed mostly from trade unions. The guidebook emphasized the need to contact

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Raili Marling

, national, and class norms. In addition to providing fresh insights into the case of Wasilewska, Mrozik also shows the mechanisms involved in shaping historical narratives about controversial historical actors. Emily R. Gioielli’s “‘Home Is Home No Longer

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From Political Fringe to Political Mainstream

The Front National and the 2014 Municipal Elections in France

Gabriel Goodliffe

. It is divided into four parts. Part one breaks down the electoral results in terms of their particular geographic, sectoral, and spatial dimensions. It shows how the FN has been able to extend its influence among a lower-class, principally peri

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Sharon A. Kowalsky

, expressed through dueling. Identifying the duel as a foreign import, Vassiliadou traces its integration into middle-class Greek society as a means to defend male honor from public and political insult. She argues that protecting one's honor through dueling

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The Timeline of a Concept

Juan Francisco Fuentes

contribution and to the influence of the Latin American case he was studying: “In general, populism might be described as a political movement led by a charismatic leader, usually from some discontented sector of the ruling class, who mobilizes an essentially

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A Useless Subject?

Teaching Civic Education in Italy from the School Programs of 1958 to the Present Day

Paolo Bianchini and Maria Cristina Morandini

’Azeglio, expressed well the concern of the governing classes of Italy emerging from the Risorgimento, who claimed, “We have made Italy, now we must make Italians.” 2 To attain this goal, the nineteenth-century political liberal class undertook a circuitous course of

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Selin Çağatay

Ottoman Muslim Women [1916–1923]) demonstrates how women’s inclusion in the late Ottoman public sphere was differentiated by their class position. Both books are based on the researchers’ doctoral dissertations and both are the first thorough works on

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The East Side Story of Gender and Feminism

The Hungarian and Czech Cases

Gabriela Dudeková Kováčová

especially because of its pro-peace activities. Through this agenda, along with social requirements, it was possible to overcome the strict ideological differences between the middle-class-based FE and left-wing women's activists, and for a short while also