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Stefan Nygård and Johan Strang

Bourdieu points to an important aspect of the logic of universalization in drawing attention to the way actors within specific fields tend to be committed to its logic and values unconsciously, by means of what he describes as a necessary form of self-deception

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The emergence of the global debt society

Governmentality and profit extraction through fabricated abundance and imposed scarcity in Peru and Spain

Ismael Vaccaro, Eric Hirsch, and Irene Sabaté

predictions of and clear deceptions about present and future wealth (what we call “fabricated abundance”) that translated on the inability to repay the debt generated by these profit expectations; and (3) the recipe to solve each of these economically

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Dangerous speculation

The appeal of pyramid schemes in rural Siberia

Leonie Schiffauer

capitalism: First thoughts on a second coming.” In Millennial capitalism and the culture of neoliberalism , ed. Jean Comaroff and John Comaroff , 1 – 56 . Durham, NC : Duke University Press . Cox , John 2016 . “Value and the art of deception

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Austrian “Gypsies” in the Italian archives

Historical ethnography on multiple border crossings at the beginning of the twentieth century

Paola Trevisan

, and would like to have, cross(ed) gave rise to discussions and deceptions between the Italian and Austrian authorities. At certain points, it seems as though you are witnessing a chess game in which the victor is the one who does not admit the “Gypsies

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Chung-Hao Ku

, Capote, and their characters into historically backward subjects. Here, Austen’s idea of backwardness comes with the negative connotation of secrecy, deception, or ways of circumventing the attack of homophobia through narrative tics and codes. “Playing

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Jeanne Favret-Saada’s Minimal Ontology

Belief and Disbelief of Mystical Forces, Perilous Conditions, and the Opacity of Being

Theodoros Kyriakides

, on the one hand, and reliance, on the other—Evans-Pritchard speculates about this contradiction: “Azande are aware of the deception practiced by their witch-doctors … As in many other of their customs, we find a mingling of common sense and mystical

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Between Two Truths

Time in Physics and Fiji

Naoki Kasuga

that ‘the New Time’ would arrive, “this time, for sure”: Fiji lives. All nonsense and deception will be ceased. The progress of Fiji will not be halted. 7 (February 1925) It is my desire that you repent immediately and take the right path to follow. I

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Terry-Ann Jones

serve their interests. As such, they deceive workers with false promises of higher wages and comfortable living and working conditions. The acts of deception that commonly characterize empreiteiros have earned them the pejorative yet generally used

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Whites Cannot Be Black

A Bikoist Challenge to Professor Xolela Mangcu

Keolebogile Mbebe

deny our freedom, we are acting in bad faith. Bad faith is a form of self-deception in that the liar and the one being lied to are one and the same person. Paradoxically, in order to lie, we need to acknowledge the truth. As Sartre (1956: 49) puts it

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Searching for the Young Soul Rebels

On Writing, New Wave, and the Ends of Cultural Studies

Richard Langston

German literature intent on steeping fiction in the pleasures of falsification and deception. Other historically more encompassing accounts frame it more broadly within the complicated history of postmodern literature and its blurring of distinctions