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Eugenia Gay, Philipp Nielsen, Emanuel Richter, and Gregor Feindt

general social, political, and cultural models; the extent of rupture or of continuity with regard to the traditions of political and republican concepts; or the later significance and the transformations of the terms and of their definitions in the

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Filimon Peonidis

, but supposedly epistemically competent, electoral body selected by lot. In my criticisms I draw significantly on a comprehensive normative model of democracy— democracy as popular sovereignty (DPS)—I have defended elsewhere, the basic tenet of which

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Participatory Democracy in Unlikely Places

What Democratic Theorists Can Learn from Democratic Professionals

Selen A. Ercan’s and Albert W. Dzur

universities approach professionalism and professional training could also learn from democratic innovators. There are more democratic ways of doing criminal justice, for example, or doing public administration, or doing education. That need to better model

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Max Stille

would have hoped Bayly filled the space he carved out for Indian liberalism with intellectual contributions in languages other than English. This would have refined his model of the coming together of a “downward” hermeneutic of global discourse with an

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The Timeline of a Concept

Juan Francisco Fuentes

-américains à l'épreuve des modèles d'interprétation européens” [Latin-American populisms tested by European interpretation models], Vingtième Siècle: Revue d'histoire 56, special issue: Les populismes (1997): 161–183, here 177,

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Alexander Weiss

) with Chinese liberal, post-Maoist, China Model, or Confucian understandings of democracy. These provide many contexts for democratic thought and theorization. These arbitrarily chosen examples show that various forms of democracy have, on a global

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Cary J. Nederman

kingship and into a sustained encomium of “political rule” or mixed polity (modeled on the constitution of the Roman Republic) as the best system of government. 60 This is not to suggest tyranny constituted a “good” constitution for him in a sense that

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Blake Ewing

the example of “Brexit,” the phrase “Take back control” harks back to a bygone era, mythologized or not, to propose it as a model for a horizon of renewal, however vaguely conceptualized. Whether old, new, or renewed, such horizons are part and parcel

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Jean Terrier

dominated by persons coming from one homogeneous social milieu. Specifically, Dahl was reacting against a very influential sociological analysis of US society by C. Wright Mills. Mills criticized the idea that the United States was characterized by a “model

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Time and Space in Time and Space

Mapping the Conceptual History of Mental Maps and Historical Consciousness

Janne Holmén

Marjorie Van de Water, 70 helped the concept travel from the practical domain to academia. In 1945, before Richard C. Tolman presented the cognitive map model for wayfinding among rats, Boring claimed that rats used mental maps when orientating in