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“Give Me Back My Son!”

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Emotion Talk, and the Gendering of Political Rhetoric

Linda E. Mitchell

Pontius Pilate. In fact, she refers specifically to Judas: Leopold has no other equal in evil. Eleanor wonders why Celestine continues to do nothing, even though the emperor is hardly a role model of Christian piety. “He does not spare monks, recluses

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Something Gleaming

Exemplary Resistance and the Shadows of Complicity

Bronwyn Leebaw

Schmid cannot offer role models for those engaged in present day struggles in different contexts, which might require very different forms of resistance. However, Arendt suggests that such stories can be a powerful way to dismantle heroic mythologies that

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Learning to Judge Politics

Professor John Dunn (Interviewed by Professor Lawrence Hamilton)

John Dunn and Lawrence Hamilton

degree of personal accountability, I don't think that the problem can be fixed. On my model of a more successfully politically educated citizenry, that citizenry would be far more interested in political parties. Political parties are the selection

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Envisaging Eternity

Salian Women’s Religious Patronage

Nina Verbanaz

, Roman, and the Carolingian. Among coronation practices, the Carolingian example of papal oversight prevailed, even though the Ottonians had encouraged a classical model of imperial authority by acclamation. 18 The Salians, when planning their dynastic

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Coulthard, Glen Sean. Red Skin, White Masks

Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition

Elaine Coburn

Canada’ (27). In what seems to me to be a similarly careless or, if he is serious, misguided way, he claims that: ‘Benhabib’s model potentially renders rectifying forms of recognition and redistribution unattainable for Indigenous groups … her theory

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Frank Battaglia

principle. 51 Gelling’s assessment would seem to indicate that communities on that model had become the administrative units of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom by Redwald’s time. 52 D-bracteates, Beowulf , and Patriliny Five coastal fylker —roughly counties

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Niki Megalommati

consolidate family life and promote it as the primary model in society. Hence, they integrated the canons of the Quinisext Council (691/692)—also known as the Council in Trullo—into the civil legislation system with an aim to reinforce the importance of

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Book Roundtable

Discussion text: Chin, C. 2018. The Practice of Political Theory: Rorty and Continental Thought.

Lasse Thomassen, Joe Hoover, David Owen, Paul Patton, and Clayton Chin

interpretations are brought into play. However, if one is also seeking to persuade one's audience that Rorty offers a model of the practice of socio-political criticism that deserves to be widely taken up, then I think that something more is required, namely, a

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Moral Conflict

The Private, the Public and the Political

Marios Filis

emphasising the moral peculiarity and importance of the political within this pluralistic tripartite model. The distinction between the private, the public and the political has been a central theme for contestation in modern times and there has been a variety

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The Future of Representative Politics

On Tormey, Krastev and Rosanvallon

Mihail Evans

tradition. It is thus not surprising that when protests broke out anarchist organising models were turned to and that the ‘participants resisted any attempt to elect leaders or a body that could represent the occupations and assemblies themselves’ ( Tormey