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Perceptions of German Leadership

Irish National Identity and Germany as a “Significant Other” during the Euro Crisis

Charlotte Galpin

upload its preferences to the Eurozone, but also on account of France's weak economic performance. 78 At least in the earlier stage of the Euro crisis, the Franco-German tandem was insufficient for constructing the idea of a normal—that is, legitimate

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Between Resistance and the State

Caribbean Activism and the Invention of a National Memory of Slavery in France

Itay Lotem

Minister Dominique de Villepin and the presidents of the Sénat and the Assemblée nationale, and bore the mark of a classically republican ceremony. It began with expected tributes to Caribbean culture—readings of Aimé Césaire and performances by

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From Civilian Power to a Geo-economic Shaping Power

Stephen F. Szabo

only interested in economic performance, but also in civilizing or domesticating international relations by replacing force with international law and norms. 4 Maull, however, included a number of caveats or possible counter trends. Most important were

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Pulling up the Drawbridge

Anti-Immigrant Attitudes and Support for the Alternative for Germany among Russian-Germans

Michael A. Hansen and Jonathan Olsen

shows that the AfD performs better among this segment of the population when compared to their overall performance. Second, we hypothesized that negative sentiment towards refugees, both economic and political, is the main distinguishing variable that

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Where to Now?

Germany Rethinks its Energy Transition

Josephine Moore and Thane Gustafson

as well as it might. Only 47 percent of respondents rated the program’s performance as “good” or “very good.” But, so far, these doubts have not weakened the public’s basic commitment to the transition. As already discussed, the Energiewende has

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Myra Marx Ferree, Jeffrey Luppes, Randall Newnham, David Freis, David N. Coury, Carol Hager, and Angelika von Wahl

Seite (The Edge of Heaven) and The Baader-Meinhof Complex , performance pieces such as Kresnik’s Ulrike Meinhof , and exhibitions like Zur Vorstellung des Terrors (Regarding Terror) at the Berlin Kunst-Werke Institute. Seen as being more than just

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Clay Clemens

divisions within the cdu / csu over identity, strategy, and personnel as the post Merkel era approached. This article sees the Union’s shaky performance as resulting from four factors—each a subset of the other—like a set of concentric circles. First, the

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Mobilizing Meanings

Translocal Identities of the Far Right Web

Patricia Anne Simpson

history of the “America’s National Entertainment,” known popularly (if not altogether accurately) as the Wild West Show. With its location at the nexus of authenticity and performance, frontier and empire, and entertainment and edification, the show

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Pegida in Parliament?

Explaining the Failure of Pegida in Austria

Farid Hafez

in Opposition—Failure in Government: Explaining the Performance of Right-Wing Populist Parties in Public Office,” West European Politics 26, no. 3 (2003): 91-130. 22 Martin Reisigl, “Oppositioneller und regierender Rechtspopulismus: Rhetorische

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Pointing Fingers at the Media?

Coverage of the 2017 Bundestag Election

Alexander Beyer and Steven Weldon

: How Voters Respond to Politicians’ Policies and Performance (Chicago, 2012). 20 Edward G. Carmines and James A. Stimson, Issue Evolution: Race and the Transformation of American Politics (Princeton, 2009); Donald R. Kinder and Cindy D. Kam, Us