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Socialisms in the Tsarist Borderlands

Poland and Finland in a Contrastive Comparison, 1830—1907

Wiktor Marzec and Risto Turunen

attempted to build a radical social philosophy grounded in the religious principles and radical potentials of Christianity. 13 Such socialism was “born in the bosom of Christian philosophy” and resisted the individualistic tendencies initiated by Martin

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Realizing Interspecies Democracy

The Preconditions for an Egalitarian, Multispecies, World

Sue Donaldson, Janneke Vink, and Jean-Paul Gagnon

agency that excludes the active participation of myriad members of the demos on the basis of their alleged incompetence. Vink: It surely is an interesting, resourceful, and rich philosophy of interspecies democracy, and before responding to what has

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Rolf Dieter Hepp

equality ( Sennett 2012 ). Within the social philosophy of work, it is the subject of some controversy whether normative content is merely superimposed onto a value-free reality or whether it is contained to a certain extent within the modern world of work

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Political Regeneration

José Bonifácio and Temporal Experiences in the Luso-American World in the Early Nineteenth Century

Maria Elisa Noronha De Sá and Marcelo Gantus Jasmin

of traditional exemplarity. José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva was born in Santos, São Paulo, in 1763. At the age of twenty, he moved to Portugal, where he began his studies at the University of Coimbra. He graduated with a degree in philosophy and law

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The Socio-analytical Approach

Differences in International Scientific Discourses

Rolf-Dieter Hepp

undergo a change. Whereas basic sociological patterns in German sociology are obtained via Weber's sociology of hyphens (sociology of economics, sociology of law, sociology of religion), Durkheim wrests their subject from the economy, philosophy, and

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Conceptualizing Compassion in Communication for Communication

Emotional Experience in Islamic Sermons (Bengali waʿẓ maḥfils)

Max Stille

(com)passion. It is no coincidence that this argumentation runs in the opposite direction not only of the order of presentation of this article, but also of the way philosophy and rhetoric are commonly thought about. This inversion is to show that the

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The Rule of Law as a Condition for Development Toward Sustainability

Toward a New Legally Oriented Environment at a Global Level

Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini

Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, through the Plan de Apoyo II , as part of the Central American Security Strategy (see Severino 2012 ). The philosophy exemplified by the plan is based on the fact that contemporary economic and legal

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Searching for a New Way of Thinking about Society

A Noospheric Social Quality Orientation for Development toward Sustainability

Vyacheslav Nikolayevitch Bobkov and Nikolay Vyacheslavovich Bobkov

,” University of Bristol . GUU (State University of Management) . 2006 . Polititicheskay ekonomiya kak ekonomicheskay filosofiya: Uchebnoye posobie [Political economy as economic philosophy: Textbook]. Moscow : GUU Press . Herrmann , P. 2012 . “ Social

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Building Dignity?

Tracing Rights, Discretion, and Negotiation within a Norwegian Labor Activation Program

Erika Gubrium, Leah Johnstone, and Ivar Lødemel

There Be) a Right to Basic Income? ” Philosophy and Social Criticism 42 ( 9 ): 920 – 936 . doi:10.1177/0191453715625439 . 10.1177/0191453715625439 Dølvik , J.E. , T. Fløtten , J.M. Hippe , and B. Jordfald . 2014 . “ The Norwegian Model

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The Limits to Cheating History

Changing the Reference for Accounting

Peter Herrmann

: Karl Marx—Capital Volume I , 7–764. London : Lawrence & Wishart . Marx , Karl , and Frederick Engels . ( 1845–1846 ) 1976 . “ The German Ideology: Critique of Modern German Philosophy According to Its Representatives Feuerbach, B. Bauer and