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Durkheim en réunion (1ère partie)

Ses interventions à l'Assemblée des professeurs de la Faculté de Lettres de Bordeaux (1887–1902)

Matthieu Béra

découvre qu'il abordait des questions procédurales et administratives complexes. Ses interventions nous démontrent qu'il était loin de s'en désintéresser, contrairement à ce que semblait insinuer le recteur en 1894 (voir l'exergue de l'article). Et ce n

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The Aesthetics of Boredom

Slow Cinema and the Virtues of the Long Take in Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

Emre Çağlayan

doesn’t really matter. What counts is the movement: looking” (quoted in Rosenbaum 2000 ), or in other words, films focusing on the police procedural work only insofar as they evade rational explanations of events and instead emphasize the investigation

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From Schmitt to Foucault

Inquiring the Relationship between Exception and Democracy

Sara Raimondi

realized any time the state is forged along the principle of people’s self-ruling, independently of the processes through which this happens. Following from this, any procedural definition of democracy loses any meaning. The being in place of formal

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Eternity and Print

How Medieval Ideas of Time Influenced the Development of Mechanical Reproduction of Texts and Images

Bennett Gilbert

CE), his opponent, this position means that a protocol of ontological divisions limits God's scope of creative activity. 53 God's perfection transcends all ontological or procedural limits on justice, 54 and most certainly He has no need of

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Humanity’s Subtensions

Culture Theory in US Death Penalty Mitigation

Jesse Cheng

evolving configurations of that information in various procedural maneuvers. Sitting before the mitigation agency’s hallway bookshelves, I spent hours leafing through a series of three-inch-thick binders, each containing training seminar materials from

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Capacity as Aggregation

Promises, Water and a Form of Collective Care in Northeast Brazil

Andrea Ballestero

statements were immediately exhibited on the wall, or laid out on the table if the group was small enough. In many cases, the promises ended their procedural life there. They were directly transcribed and remained as part of the local Pact-making exercise. If

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Re/Making Immigration Policy through Practice

How Social Workers Influence What It Means to Be a Refused Asylum Seeker

Kathryn Tomko Dennler

criteria and conditions in the period 2007–2011. The information remains broadly similar, but there may be legislative and procedural changes to particularities. 5 A solicitor is similar to what is called in North America a lawyer, but they are not allowed

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Chava Brownfield-Stein

along the Gaza border have occasioned competing ideological, institutional, and procedural logics, as well as opposing legal paradigms. Targeted killing operations along the Gaza fence clearly reflect the tensions between labeling terrorism a crime and

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Karen Pearlman

access unusual flexibility in linking thought and action, knowledge and motion, conceptual memory and procedural memory. (2007: 779) In other words, the fact that editors rarely articulate the cognitive complexity of their creative processes does not mean

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Refugee studies in Austria today

From challenges to a research horizon

Leonardo Schiocchet, Sabine Bauer-Amin, Maria Six-Hohenbalken, and Andre Gingrich

anthropology's full potential therefore required separate inquiries in order to carry out participant observation in procedural asylum contexts, as well as through our conversations in native languages such as Arabic, Farsi/Dari, Pashtu, and Kurdish. In the end