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Amy Cox Hall, Sergio González Varela, Jessica S.R. Robinson, Peter Weisensel, and David Wills

, interpretation, and development of different body skills. One wonders if it is the same to be an American, African, or an Asian capoeira pilgrim, or whether nationality or race plays a role or not as a ballroom dance practitioner. These and other similar

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Scale and Number

Framing an Ideology of Pastoral Plenty in Rural Mongolia

Joseph Bristley

amplification and lyrical development in tsol duudakh (praise songs) chanted in honor of prize-winning racehorses. A typical tsol lauds the winner ( türüü mor’ ) of a summer horse race in this way: At the end of this peaceful and fortunate day, On the day

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Denunciations of dependence

Race, gender, and the double bind of domestic work in the Eastern Cape

Lotte Danielsen

economies. Contested dependence The colonial project in South Africa ascribed dependence to various groups along fault lines of race and gender, which shaped and justified colonial expansion. Kenny (2018) suggests that the “labor relation” has been

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Visceral non-presence

Ethnography in the age of COVID

Jessica Brinkworth, Korinta Maldonado, Ellen Moodie, and Gilberto Rosas

cent mixed-race and 60 per cent white ( Retail Coach 2016 ), numbers that will likely change when the results of the 2020 census are released. Further, the census does not account for the hundreds of predominantly Mexican American farmworkers and their

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Zoe Bray and Christian Thauer

globalized markets and territorially bound political orders (that is, nation-state polities), pure profit orientation means that firms often drive states into a regulatory “race to the bottom” ( Bohle 2008 ; Chan and Ross 2003 ; Murphy 2000 ). Seeking the

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Echoes of austerity

Policy, temporality, and public health in South Africa

Theodore Powers

public sector for their physical wellbeing. Given the overlap between race and class in the South African context, most people who were to be denied specialist care in the public health sector were South Africans who could not access Groote Schuur

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Optics of regulation and control

Ieva Jusionyte and Daniel M. Goldstein

). Meanwhile, the public, media-staged performance of humanitarian militarism in the “pacification” of subaltern populations creates security for a few and insecurity for the many, along familiar lines of race and class (Savell, this issue). As global, national

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“Going vertical” in times of insecurity

Constructing proximity and distance through a Kenyan gated high-rise

Zoë Goodman

most pervasive spatial consequence of the ascendance of security is the nationwide explosion of gated residences. Gating as a means to construct race and class status has a long history in Kenya, dating from the residential segregation of the colonial

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Linda Gruen

cultural refinement, though she lauded certain gender freedoms not yet widely available to women in her own country. We should keep in mind that despite certain freedoms, white, middle-class US females, because of their race and gender, were still subject

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The commons, property, and ownership

Suggestions for further discussion

Katharina Bodirsky

be understood as a particular kind of class politics. Maskovsky is highly critical here of a “desire for class solidarity [that] ignores … the concrete realities of race, gender, sexual, class, and national politics” (2017: 45). Thus, a related