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To travel is to Look, to Look is to Relate

Identity and Otherness in the Account of Otto Nordenskjöld (1902)

Eduardo Gallegos and Jaime Otazo

question criticizes the colonial violence that is committed against the natives. Now the final act of this long drama begins, of this battle of a race of inoffensive primitives that civilization, cornering them without mercy, has transformed into bands

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Nicole Abravanel

, polonais, hongrois … appartenant à l’élite de leur race” (expression d’un usage équivalent au terme “ethnique” précédemment employé). Crémieux met donc en évidence l’impact des courants migratoires consécutifs à la Première Guerre mondiale comme des

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William Nessly, Noel B. Salazar, Kemal Kantarci, Evan Koike, Christian Kahl, and Cyril Isnart

established boundaries, including national borders. As Chapman puts it, Eaton’s “texts use the permeability of national border as a metaphor for the permeability of other borders, such as race, gender, and sexuality, even as they reflect on the artifice of

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Joanna Bourke

“correctional supervision.” 3 Incarceration is not “race-blind”: African Americans are imprisoned at more than five times the rate of whites. 4 Given that sexually violent men are unlikely to give up their practices, as levels of incarceration have increased

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Kathleen Lennon

realness of everyday raced, classed or gendered identities. It is rather the fact that the realness of everyday social categories is also constituted out of just the same ability to compel belief, as a result of the embodiment of norms. There is nothing

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Mark S. Micale

learning experience in which cooler heads prevailed; it taught the United States and the Soviet Union to avoid further brinksmanship. Pinker acknowledges that, by the 1980s, the nuclear “arms race” had peaked, obscenely, with some 70,000 weapons in global

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A Hybrid New World… or Not?

Transformation versus Hybridisation in Early Modern World

Fatima Essadek

share their faith or race had to eliminate the traits that connected them with their original culture and to adapt to a new cultural environment. Indeed, as we have seen above, in certain locations they had to adapt under pain of death. The present

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Leonidas Sotiropoulos and

in the history of the human race. There is no sign of hope in the horizon. The whole world is involved in slaughter and bloodshed. … Let the world have its bath of blood—I will cling to Poros. … I can see the whole human race straining through the

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Kyle Michael James Shuttleworth and Nik Farrell Fox

-first where his myriad philosophical insights inspire new research in aesthetics, social theory, race studies, the Philosophy of Mind, psychology, and gender studies, and where new books about his multifarious connections proliferate by the year. As Oliver

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Thomas Meagher and Farhang Erfani

had some early resonance as well. Sartre's readers—e.g., Suhayl Idris, Fayiz Sayigh, and Taha Husayn— eventually won the existentialist race, but they remained embattled on the intellectual scene and had to adapt to local concerns. One group of