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“Loving and Cruel, All at the Same Time”

Girlhood Identity in The Craft

Emily Chandler

film about a girl being bullied by her former friends. That they are her friends, rather than a group of one-dimensional stereotypical mean girls, is crucial to the efficacy of this narrative. Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle’s acceptance shows Sarah that

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Freak Temporality

Female Adolescence in the Novels of Carson McCullers

Alison Sperling

, civilized woman, the Half-Man Half-Woman embodies the dueling characteristics that make up stereotypical masculinity and femininity in Frankie herself. She oscillates throughout the novel between being rough, tough, and dirty, to being sweet, well

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Thebes Troutman as Traveling Tween

Revising the Family Story

Margaret Steffler

marked by “scars, faded hickeys and plaster cast” (2008: 208), works in an aggressive way, carving words into the dashboard and creating a bloody mannequin head entitled “This Boy is Obviously Dying” (178). Thebes, filling a more stereotypical female role

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From Selfies to Sexting

Tween Girls, Intimacy, and Subjectivities

Antonio García-Gómez

conceptualization of sexual agency endorses the most common gender stereotypes that boys have a constant desire to have sex and that these other girls who show a different attitude towards sex are sluts. By self-presenting as good girls, they attempt to relate to

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Natalie Clark

healthy resistance strategies and to develop an “oppositional gaze” (hooks, 1992:115) is crucial; we need, in other words, to offer them support them to resist stereotypes and to replace these with strong and affirming messages and images of themselves

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Perfect Love in a Better World

Same-Sex Attraction between Girls

Wendy L. Rouse

as abnormal in comparison to heterosexual youth. The stereotype, in ignoring the diversity of experience, casts LGBTQ youth as victims and denies them a sense of agency ( Bryan and Mayock 2017 ). So much has changed since Spalding and Stanton

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Sakai Magara

Activist Girl of Early Twentieth Century Japan

Barbara Hartley

Copyright applies. Photographer unknown Sakai Magara's involvement in the Red Wave Society directly contradicts the stereotypical image of the girl living in her own closed consumer world. Magara was extremely sensitive to current events, including, as

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Negotiating Identities

Being “Boy,” Being “Filipino,” Being “Other”

Victoria Cann

men seem to place importance on men being perceived as strong in the public eye and avoiding associations of weakness and effeminacy” (2009: 71). This may be in part due to the feminization of Asian men in Western culture, and of “stereotypically

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When Jackie Coogan Had His Hair Cut

Masculinity, Maturity, and the Movies in the 1920s

Peter W. Lee

as an over-aged cute moppet, but in such a way as to lay the foundations for a career as a serious leading man and not, by implication, a stereotyped flaming youth of the Roaring Twenties. The plan ultimately failed: Jackie’s new image could not

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Akkadia Ford

devastating periods in twentieth-century gay and transsexual history, and Dallas Buyers Club serves as a powerful reminder of the historical and social backgrounds against which mainstream films continue the hegemonic stereotyping of narratives and