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Performing humanitarian militarism

Public security and the military in Brazil

Stephanie Savell

, whom residents despise for their abuses. In contrast with the police, the military was reputed to be less susceptible to taking bribes from traffickers. Residents also appreciated the strength displayed in weapons, equipment, and troops, which made the

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Interiority and government of the child

Transparency, risk, and good governance in Indonesia

Jan Newberry

is taken to produce a strong and competent Javanese person and a phenomenal world that reflects a still center of interior strength that does not respond to the chaos of daily life ( Ferzacca 2001 ). To be clear, no argument is made here for the

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“Because we are the only ones in the community!”

Protest and daily life in poor South African neighborhoods

Jérôme Tournadre

do about these bills of Eskom [the electricity company]. So we try to explain to them how things go. They’re using us … they’re using our strength … I was a member of the ANC from 1947 … until I left. In 2000. [Why?] Because they don’t care about us

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Infrastructures of progress and dispossession

Collective responses to shrinking water access among farmers in Arequipa, Peru

Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen

functionaries, ran these institutions. In the following years, the first major irrigation projects began to be built on the coast. Ideas of modernization and development through large-scale agriculture and export were gaining strength. In 1933, water was

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Birgitte Bruun

life force and strength on the continent. In Northern Rhodesia at the time, according to historian Mwelwa Musambachime (1988) , strangers, chiefs, European doctors, fat administrators, prospectors, surveyors, and tourists could be suspected of being

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Dances with Heads

Parasitic Mimesis and the Government of Savagery in Colonial East Timor

Ricardo Roque

powers of the feast of the heads amid the Timorese, Castro helped to overcome the vulnerabilities of the colonial state in Timor, extracting from the savage ceremony the strength that the Portuguese empire seemed unable to generate on its own. He was not

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Mediating the Rural Ideal

The Australian Town in Twentieth-Century Travel

Louise Prowse

was “like champagne, pure and exhilarating. In the winter just that touch of sharp hour frost as to give a healthy tang, and a feeling of strength and exhilaration” ( Young, New South Wales 1922). Tourist guides offered up the country town as a

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Chaos in Siberia

New Scholarship on Exile in the Late Russian Empire

Jeffrey S. Hardy

to turn convicts into permanent settlers, whether by mandating a period (sometimes permanent) of exile after imprisonment, conditionally releasing them to a particular location, or by recruiting freed prisoners with jobs. 66 Despite the many strengths

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Maureen Mulligan

of their class and era. The war provided them with an opportunity to rediscover their strengths and demonstrate their abilities as women had been able to do during World War I. Usandizaga argues, Their rights were severely restricted, and the search

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Making Lobsticks

Traveling Trails with Teetł’it Gwich’in

Jan Peter Laurens Loovers

make lobsticks to show their endurance and fearlessness. Like the young Alexie up the Peel River who also had made a lobstick, the lobstick commemorates these relationships and the strenuous task, strength, and endurance of making one. Making a lobstick