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“Comrades in Battle”

Women Workers and the 1906 Finnish Suffrage Victory

Eric Blanc

forces outside of Finland did not face the same mass pressure from below to accept full suffrage—and socialists did not have the numerical strength in the Duma to force the issue. The second crucial distinguishing factor was the distinct political status

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Gendered Images and Soviet Subjects

How the Komsomol Archive Enriched My Understanding of Gender in Soviet War Culture

Adrienne M. Harris

’s archives. 36 RGASPI-M is certainly not a women’s archive, nor is it organized by gender. However, rather than seeing its inclusiveness as a detriment, I have found it to be a strength as I approached the archive using methodologies of gender. In her work

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Between Boundary-Work and Cosmopolitan Aspirations

A Historical Genealogy of EASA (and European Anthropology)

Damián Omar Martínez

. The tension between the all-inclusive utopian aspiration of pluralistic cosmopolitanism and the exclusive practice of boundary-work gave strengths and vulnerabilities to the Association, making it at the same time the new articulator of the disputes

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Agonistic Interpretation

A New Paradigm in Response to Current Developments

Nicole Deufel

‘home’ is also a journey through which one is able to find a ‘sense of belonging’ (ibid.: 10) and one’s roots (ibid.: 48). What is perhaps most striking about these examples is the strength of connection felt to these places: not for their material

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“Maternal Impressions”

Disability Memoirs in Socialist Poland

Natalia Pamula

he would receive good care here and that this ‘angel of goodness’ [this is how she refers to the doctor] would do everything to restore Andrzej to his lost health and strength.” 57 But the descriptions of rehabilitation itself—exercises and

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From Jewish Sentiments to Rational Exhortations

Battle Missives in the Israel Defense Forces

Netta Galnoor

them in the pillar of cloud” (Psalm 99:7). 22 However, Gantz then added his own interpretation, referring to the strength of the soldiers: “And we spoke loud and clear: we will stand firm against every enemy and protect our homes as a fortified

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Fair Exchange

Utilisation of Working Animals (and Women) in Ancient Mesopotamia and Modern Africa

Jill Goulder

better suit the needs of human beings’ ( Bruford et al. 2003: 900 ), while in donkeys in particular the original wild characteristics of strength and size remain desirable. More intensive adoption may then have occurred later on where these mobile groups

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Death of a Statesman – Birth of a Martyr

Martyrdom and Memorials in Post–Civil War Lebanon

Are John Knudsen

unity, a source of strength and a powerful weapon serving its political goals and ends. The importance of sectarian and confessional martyr categories is evident from Laleh Khalili’s (2007b) study of the annual commemoration of the Palestinian refugees

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Ioana Cîrstocea

network's mission and profile, the founders hired an external expert to evaluate their activities from a managerial perspective. According to her report, the strengths of the group were its genuine combination of activists and academics, its stable

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Instead of a Novel

Sophia Yablonska's Travelogues in the History of Modern Ukrainian Literature

Olena Haleta

situations words are imperfect mediators, while pictures instantly fix and transfer expressions that do not need concepts in the process of mediation. As Yablonska describes it: “Such is the strength of impressions, admiration, surprises, such is richness and