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Philip J. Hohle

reason that blockbuster film narratives indeed play a significant role in shaping people’s identities and worldview—even more salient in the construction of identity than other means of social norming. One of those strong-effects perspectives is

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Girls with Disabilities in the Global South

Rethinking the Politics of Engagement

Xuan Thuy Nguyen

the Literature Girls with disabilities are invisible in most international and national frameworks ( Nguyen and Mitchell 2014 ). Stienstra argues that “[w]e know little about the intersections of being a child, a girl, and disabled, let alone what it

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Making It Up

Intergenerational Activism and the Ethics of Empowering Girls

Emily Bent

as political subjects in their own right ( Best 2007 ; Brown 2009 ; Taft 2014 ). Feminist scholar Nancy Fraser notably argues that an ethical approach to social justice foregrounds participatory parity rather than socio-cultural identity as being

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Kaoru Miyazawa

Sexuality is fundamental to the existence of most human beings; it is about our body, mind, desires, and intimate relationships with others. Thus, in order for us to live as citizens, our sexuality rights—the right to express sexual identities, to

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Wyatt Moss-Wellington

we can draw between dissonance in one’s self-identity and in one’s apprehension of an external world, although the two are closely related, especially as we will often gravitate toward beliefs about the world which advantage the self. We can then

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Toward a Naturalized Aesthetics of Film Music

An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Intramusical and Extramusical Meaning

Timothy Justus

symbolic, because the mapping between form and meaning is not arbitrary. Alternatively, the opening bars of a national anthem, while bearing no structural similarity to the country they represent, come to acquire a symbolic association. As with intramusical

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Are “the Natives” Educable?

Dutch Schoolchildren Learn Ethical Colonial Policy (1890–1910)

Elisabeth Wesseling and Jacques Dane

open source of national pride. 46 The educative discourses discussed in this article exemplify Homi Bhabha’s concept of “colonial mimicry.” 47 The colonized are expected to imitate the colonizer, but only up to a certain point; a certain degree of

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“Like Alice, I was Brave”

The Girl in the Text in Olemaun’s Residential School Narratives

Roxanne Harde

struggle that also becomes political action. While struggling to relearn Inuvialuktun and reclaim her cultural traditions, Olemaun offers a running critique of the institutions that attempted to steal her girlhood and identity even as they afforded what

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The Aesthetics of Boredom

Slow Cinema and the Virtues of the Long Take in Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

Emre Çağlayan

to each other, its recurrent dialogue, simultaneously witty and banal, reveals the cruel and bitter relationship between different groups of provincial identities and social classes. Balancing dramatic ambiguity with deadpan humor, the film also

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Christopher Blake Evernden, Cynthia A. Freeland, Thomas Schatz, and Frank P. Tomasulo

specific female representations as exemplars of both identity horror and social horror. Schubart references Barbara Creed's The Monstrous Feminine (2003) and its relation of the female teenage body as “a playground for bodily wastes … beautiful on the