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Journalistes scandaleuses des années trente

Petite réflexion sur l’histoire de la presse de l’entre-deux-guerres

Marie-Ève Thérenty

même façon que les puissants et les établis ? Pour reprendre des catégories façonnées par Kate Mcloughlin 33 , comment penser que leur field positioning (conditions d’accès à la profession, statut professionnel, habillements, droits politiques) très

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Walking with the Goat-God

Gothic Ecology in Algernon Blackwood’s Pan’s Garden: A Volume of Nature Stories

Michelle Poland

dread that, for instance, great thunder-storms, tidal waves, or violent conflagrations rouse. 42 Some ecocritical scholars have advanced the argument – Kate Rigby’s Dancing with Disaster (2015) is probably the most recent and apposite example – that

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Katherine Scheil

absolutes’. 52 For Lanyer, subsuming her life story into a narrative connected to Shakespeare has obvious problems. Kate Chedgzoy has argued that making Lanyer Shakespeare's mistress gives her ‘purchase on cultural memory or popular perceptions of the

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Ian McEwan Celebrates Shakespeare

Hamlet in a Nutshell

Elena Bandín and Elisa González

come into the world not responsible for it, and they are sometimes acted upon by people with terrible intent’. 23 This perspective is present in The Child in Time , a novel about an innocent three-year-old girl, Kate, who gets lost in a supermarket

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“Farmers Don't Dance”

The Construction of Gender in a Rural Scottish School

Fiona G. Menzies and Ninetta Santoro

Barbara Pini and colleagues (2014) remind us. In seeking to redress this imbalance, Kate Cairns reports in her ethnographic study that some girls construct contradictory future narratives in envisioning urban femininities while living in a rural location

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Social Isolation and Disrupted Privacy

Impacts of COVID-19 on Adolescent Girls in Humanitarian Contexts

Sarah Baird, Sarah Alheiwidi, Rebecca Dutton, Khadija Mitu, Erin Oakley, Tassew Woldehanna, and Nicola Jones

important to develop a package of support that is responsive to age, gender, and intersectionality. Acknowledgements We thank Mindset, IPA, and Laterite for overseeing data collection, and Kate Pincock for research assistance. The GAGE program is

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“Let Us Be Giants”

Masculinity Nostalgia and Military Edutainment in South Asian War Comics

Tehmina Pirzada

of the Prophet. Kate Brittlebank (2019) contends that Sultan's adoption of the epithet “Haider” not only bolstered his masculine presentation but also situated him as the ruler of both Muslims and non-Muslims. Aftab's comic, by associating the name

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Nicholas L. Syrett

sexual act or gender presentation. This had obvious consequences for the role of age asymmetry in sexual relations. As Kate Fisher and Jana Funke have recently shown, sexologists in the early twentieth century argued that what constituted homosexuality as

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The Problem of Modern Pederasty in Queer History

A Case Study of Norman Douglas

Rachel Hope Cleves

—was a “dominant and a common” form of male same-sex practice throughout the West during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but after the 1970s it was discarded as “the detritus of Queer Studies’ orientation toward political futurity.” 3 Kate

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“Clear and Present Danger”

The Legacy of the 1917 Espionage Act in the United States

Petra DeWitt

, suggesting that zealous patriots used the war and the act to prosecute those who did not fit their definition of loyalty or who did not conform to their ideal of Americanism. Women who publicly and aggressively critiqued the war, such as socialist Kate