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From Yehuda Etzion to Yehuda Glick

From Redemptive Revolution to Human Rights on the Temple Mount

Shlomo Fischer

learn from other faith traditions (147–149, 156–158, 174). The encounter with the Other, who similarly holds an absolute truth, will engender dialogue and humility. By meeting with the Muslim Other, one may learn that one’s own truth is partial and

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Guest Editors’ Introduction

Resisting Liberalism in Israel—the Case of Marginalized Mizrahim

Nissim Mizrachi and Menachem Mautner

view, in which rejection of the liberal message is symptomatic of a social and political malady rather than an alternative worldview whose recognition may cast doubt on the absolute certainty attached to the liberal stance as the only vision of a proper

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Elia Etkin, Tal Elmaliach, and Motti Inbari

did the same but with many more reservations. Mizrachi pushed the rabbis to the sidelines, but Agudah gave them absolute power. Mizrachi supported nationalist activism, while Agudah's rabbis opposed it. When it was founded in 1902, Mizrachi

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Paul L. Scham and Yoram Peri

perceptions presented as objective, absolute truth? Indeed, in early February 2021, an explosive event took place that has already shaken the false serenity created by the hegemonic complacency regarding the conflict. The International Criminal Court in The

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The Determination of Educational Policy

Shas, Politics, and Religion

Anat Feldman

indeed assimilated, as seen in table 1 . The table does not include Table 1 Students in primary education with core curriculum supervision (Hebrew education) Inspectorate Total Year Ultra-Orthodox State Religious State Secular Percent Absolute Numbers

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War and Memory

The Israeli Communist Commemoration of the Spanish Civil War, 1936–1986

Amir Locker-Biletzki

, one mythological element kept reappearing, echoing how the war was portrayed in the West. The Communists in Palestine/Israel depicted the war as an absolute struggle between democracy and fascism. At the tenth anniversary event organized by the IB

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Uzi Meshulam and the ‘Mishkan Ohalim’ Affair

The Influence of Radical Ultra-Orthodoxy

Motti Inbari

important part of Jewish radical ultra-Orthodoxy. It is an ideological and sociological phenomenon that originated in the mid-nineteenth century when some Hungarian congregations seceded from the general Jewish community. Its essence lies in absolute

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Yechiam Weitz

those committed to the party and its values will lead to its absolute degradation and bring Begin to power.” 32 The only way to prevent this, he insisted, was to establish a new party under his leadership. Ben-Gurion’s motivation in creating the new

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Israel’s Recent Unionizing Drives

The Broader Social Context

Jonathan Preminger

labor’s collective bargaining power. Since a relative right cannot be as strong as an absolute right, the introduction of the idea of balancing contradictory rights undermines labor’s collective strength. The second, related aspect is consideration of

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Innovations in Israel’s Civics Textbooks

Enlightening Trends in Non-Western Democracies

Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti, Paz Carmel, and Alon Levkowitz

Occupied Territories. It asserts that “a transfer of territories” that are “under Israeli sovereignty” (ibid.: 140–141, 309) would require an absolute majority in the Knesset and approval through a referendum. However, the relevant law refers to