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Andrea Brandolini

Between 2007 and 2013, real per capita income and net wealth of Italian households fell by 13 and 10 percent, respectively. Unprecedented in the country's post-war record by size and duration, this deterioration of household finances was accompanied by more muted changes in inequality and relative poverty. Only absolute measures of consumption and income insufficiency surged. The more serious worsening of personal economic conditions for the young than for adults and, especially, the elderly is a disturbing legacy of the recessions of 2008–2009 and 2011–2013.

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Alessandro Chiaramonte

The Italian general elections held in February 2013 ended up in stalemate. The center-left coalition won the absolute majority of seats in the Chamber of Deputies but not in the Senate, making it impossible to form any homogeneous governing majority. In the end, the only available opstion to support the new cabinet was a “grand coalition” of parties from different political sides. This chapter analyzes this destabilizing outcome, taking into account a number of factors: the success of a new anti-establishment party, the Five Star Movement, which has become the largest party in the country; the significant loss of votes by the center-left and especially by the center-right, compared to the previous elections of 2008; the peculiar nature and functioning of the electoral system; the extraordinary level of vote shifts; the “new” electoral geography; the crisis of the bipolar setting; and the transformation of the party system.

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Davide Martelli

The Appendix delineates the economic, social, and political picture

that stands behind the events analyzed in this volume. It contains

three sections. The first, which includes Tables A1-A7, presents

historical data regarding the population: gender; age category;

labor-force, examined according to occupations and conflict; births

and marriages; various forms of criminality; important indicators

of the economy and public finance, such as domestic product and

debt. The second section is dedicated to the various electoral contests

that occurred during the year; regional, provincial, communal,

and referenda. Tables B1-B5 contain absolute numbers of votes

and the percentages obtained by the political parties in the regional

elections and the composition of the electoral coalitions in the

regions. Tables B6-B8 report the data on turnout for mayoral elections

as well as for contests for control of the capital seats of communes.

Tables B9 and B10 report the same data for elections for

provincial presidents. Finally, B11 presents the results of referenda.

The last section is dedicated to institutional data: Table C1 includes

the ministers in the Amato government.

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From Yehuda Etzion to Yehuda Glick

From Redemptive Revolution to Human Rights on the Temple Mount

Shlomo Fischer

learn from other faith traditions (147–149, 156–158, 174). The encounter with the Other, who similarly holds an absolute truth, will engender dialogue and humility. By meeting with the Muslim Other, one may learn that one’s own truth is partial and

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Note on the Question of Animal Suffering in Medieval Islam

Muslim Mu‘tazilite Theology Confronted by Manichean Iranian Thought

Didier Gazagnadou

Benkheira, that most of the Muslim jurists justify animal sacrifice, but ‘raise the problem of the suffering of the animal put to death’ (2005: 117) and reply ‘not by giving men an absolute right to inflict suffering on animals, but arguing that God gave

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Guest Editors’ Introduction

Resisting Liberalism in Israel—the Case of Marginalized Mizrahim

Nissim Mizrachi and Menachem Mautner

view, in which rejection of the liberal message is symptomatic of a social and political malady rather than an alternative worldview whose recognition may cast doubt on the absolute certainty attached to the liberal stance as the only vision of a proper

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Appalling Tehran

Translation of the French Serial Story and Its Effect on the Persian Serial Story

Manizheh Abdollahi and Ehya Amalsaleh

that an absolute relationship is conceived to exist between language and reality. As a result, they establish the text as the goblet of truth and moral lessons’. Despite the common generic features of the novel in Europe and in Iran, the two contexts

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Lamazhaa Chimiza

musical culture, which she was taught, whereas they thought in quite different categories: For our musicians, it is not the absolute height that is important, that is, not the height or positioning of a sound in space, but the combination of two strings

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Selin Çağatay

without openly challenging patriarchy. While the dramatists every so often adopted a didactic tone in their writing, they often produced multiple answers to the questions they posed instead of providing absolute answers. Their use of symbolic, and at times

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Paul L. Scham and Yoram Peri

perceptions presented as objective, absolute truth? Indeed, in early February 2021, an explosive event took place that has already shaken the false serenity created by the hegemonic complacency regarding the conflict. The International Criminal Court in The