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Jerrold Levinson

, almost machinelike way in which the visitor pursues her strange mission that impresses on us the absolute alienness of her perspective, despite the all-too-human Johansson body in which it is situated—a body that we learn at the film’s tragic conclusion

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Torben Grodal

mentioned, display psychopathic playful behaviors, Hans is always very serious and therefore the absolute opposite of John, who often acts in a playful fashion. Whereas John’s playfulness is mostly aimed at regulating his own emotions, the other villains

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Modernist Embodiment

Sisyphean Landscape Allegory in Cinema

David Melbye

psychologically conflicted in their existential disposition than as single-minded of purpose. For the Spanish conquistador Aguirre (Klaus Kinski), his obsession with absolute dominance over Central and South American regions and their peoples, even to the point of

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Andreas Baranowski and Heiko Hecht

mental process, rather than absolute reality of space or time. He believed that the primary data for mental activity was sensory information (something he had already discussed in earlier works as “action theory”). This was in concordance with Eisenstein

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Film as the Engine for Learning

A Model to Assess Film's Interest Raising Potential

Winnifred Wijnker, Ed S. Tan, Arthur Bakker, Tamara A. J. M. van Gog, and Paul H. M. Drijvers

cumulative interestingness of a mixed multiple challenge film. In closing, it should be emphasized that the interestingness curve does not represent a series in time of any absolute ratings of a film's interestingness. It is the trends in the curves

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Murray Smith

tasks in the process of generating knowledge are ful(filled), it doesn’t matter in principle to which department or faculty the investigators belong. (It might matter in terms of funding, of course.) Indeed, an absolute division of labor, strictly

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Gary Bettinson

absolute, seething stillness. Mercuriality is a keynote of Reeve's performance too. Murray Pomerance has praised this turn for its “stunning virtuosity” ( 2019, 281 ), part of which, I suggest, springs from the protean nature of Reeve's characterization

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Mr. Hulot's Invisible Gorilla

Jacques Tati and Inattentional Blindness

Eric Faden, Aaron Mitchel, Alexander Murph, Taylor Myers, and Nathan C. Ryan

. 1998 ). Thus, while not absolute, foveal fixations are a reliable indicator of overt attention. It is important to note, however, that we are not claiming that fixation on a particular area of the screen automatically indicates a viewer perceives and

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Toward a Naturalized Aesthetics of Film Music

An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Intramusical and Extramusical Meaning

Timothy Justus

classic work Emotion and Meaning in Music (1956), is that between what he termed “absolute meaning” and “referential meaning.” Following more recent terminology in the psychology of music (e.g., Koelsch 2012 ), I will use the related phrases

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The Editors

Our journal did not come into the world with authority and certainty but did so, instead, with some hesitation and tentativeness. The narrator of Jonathan Swift’s eighteenth-century satire on modern learning, A Tale of a Tub (1704) claims for himself “an absolute authority in right” as the “last writer” and “freshest modern.” We make no such claim. At this point we may be both new and fresh, but we need to feel our way, to discover what is out there and what we might realistically expect to come into our own purview. But tentativeness is good. It allows us to be responsive to a variety of articles so long as they satisfy our goal of exploring film and mind. Tentativeness also allows us a sustained and continuing debate.