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James Marten

this emerges in Cox’s work. Yet one also reads of an absolute lack of agency among a significant portion of boy soldiers, who went into the military to serve others’ purposes, not their own. Although the effort to place boys’ military service in a much

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Heather Fitzsimmons Frey

Newcastle along with the diaries she kept throughout her life. My approach attempts to sidestep that power differential through an intentional willingness to—as Patti Lather puts it—“get lost” (2008: 219). She argues in favor of letting “absolute knowledge

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The Biologically Vulnerable Boy

Framing Sex Differences in Childhood Infectious Disease Mortality

Heather T. Battles

constructivist approach recognizes that scientific knowledge is the product of human social activity and that biological models are not absolute reality (see Fausto-Sterling 1985: 212 ; Latour and Woolgar 1979 ; Wright 1988 ). As used here, this approach does

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Contemporary Girls Studies

Reflections on the Inaugural International Girls Studies Association Conference

Victoria Cann, Sarah Godfrey, and Helen Warner

absolute conviction that the lives, experiences, histories, stories, and voices of girls must be more fully included in our scholarship. Rozena Maart offered a powerful reminder of the white supremacy that punctuates all academic interrogation into girls

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Eliza Deac

perspective was encouraged by the fact that, at the early stages at least, e-literature did not claim absolute novelty but was preoccupied with finding precursors and precedents in the field of literary practice and theory. At the time when Patchwork Girl

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The Unrealized Potential of Body-Reflexive Practices

Intimations of a New Materialism

Steve Garlick

dominance and advancing social justice, rather than merely rearranging elements of gender, and that “the bodily dimension of gender is often thought to be the absolute limit to change” ( Connell 2000: 206 ). This is where I suggest that new materialist

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Objet A(ffect) and Che(www) Vuoi

The Fleshy Horror of the Unknowable Other in Spring and Honeymoon

Dewey Musante

one … [and] herein lies the basis of what [we] would call ‘cosmic horror’—the paradoxical realization of the world’s hideousness as an absolute hiddenness” (2011: 80). Pertinent for my argument here is his distinction that the human condition (which

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“Your Young Lesbian Sisters”

Queer Girls’ Voices in the Liberation Era

Amanda H. Littauer

, described her “absolute despair” over the “lack of social consciousness” among her peers. With precision and insight, she called upon “the Movement” to address the problems of sexism and gender conformity at their source, rather than waiting for adult women

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“Boys in Power”

Consent and Gendered Power Dynamics in Sex

Katrín Ólafsdottir and Jón Ingvar Kjaran

—intersected with the consent discourse, as some sexual acts needed absolute consent while others that were considered within the grid of normality could be consented to nonverbally. This was something the boys needed to interpret and evaluate when taking the lead

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Michele Meek

Urban Dictionary, which now states, A consent culture is one in which the prevailing narrative of sex is centered around mutual consent. It is a culture with an abhorrence of forcing anyone into anything, a respect for the absolute necessity of