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Street View

A Corrective to the City from Above in The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

Joe Benge

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth, United States, 2011, produced by Chad Freidrichs, Jaime Freidrichs, Brian Woodman, and Paul Fehler, directed by Chad Freidrichs, written by Chad Freidrichs and Jaime Freidrichs.

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Tracey Reimann-Dawe

residing in the province of Kānem in Chad: “[The leader of the tribe] was greatly amused by the musical box, which, along with the clock, I found to be the most suitable instrument with which to convince the natives of the great superiority of European

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Transit Migration in Niger

Stemming the Flows of Migrants, but at What Cost?

Sébastien Moretti

displacement, and irregular migration from Africa and to contribute to better migration management. 4 See “EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa—Niger,” . References Ahouga , Younes . 2017 . “ The

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Le Rallye Méditerranée-le Cap

Racing towards Eurafrica?

Megan Brown

disappointing observations. Nabal was forced to end his mission in El-Guénéïna (Al Junaynha), Sudan, just thirty-five kilometers from the border with Chad. The roads of Sudan, he found, were not suited to light vehicles, and, given the situation in the Republic

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Robyn Singleton, Jacqueline Carter, Tatianna Alencar, Alicia Piñeirúa-Menéndez, and Kate Winskell

narratives. References Brandes , Stanley . 2010 . Staying Sober in Mexico City . Austin : University of Texas Press . Broughton , Chad . 2008 . “ Migration as Engendered Practice: Mexican Men, Masculinity, and Northward Migration .” Gender & Society

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The Office de la Famille Française

Familialism and the National Revolution in 1940s Morocco

Margaret Cook Andersen

supportive of their objectives than its predecessor. 33 As Eric Jennings has shown, settlers and officials in most colonies followed the Vichy government’s lead (the notable exception was Chad where leaders rallied to de Gaulle). Like Vichy officials, they

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Christopher Howard and Wendelin Küpers

is shrinking, even in “dead zones.” In this case, it may be(come) that there is no longer any place that is really and truly “out there,” away from it all, even deep in the Himalayas. At the center of the new media revolution is what Chad Hansen calls

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Decolonizing “La Brousse

Rural Medicine and Colonial Authority in Cameroon

Sarah C. Runcie

countries with projections of a five-to ten-year replacement of French technical assistance doctors were Ivory Coast, Dahomey, Senegal, and Madagascar. Other countries, such as Chad and Central African Republic, were placed on a much longer timeline for

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“Four Guys and a Hole in the Floor”

Racial Politics of Mobility and Excretion among BC-Based Long Haul Truckers

Amie McLean

Indian guy in the same room. [Chad] Although the persistence of slavery in the American South led to early, regionally specific links being drawn between trucking and a denigrated black masculinity, 1 elsewhere in North America the relationship between

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Yan Slobodkin

revenue as in the famine areas of French West Africa and Chad. The medical interest in workers’ nutrition in AEF was prompted by a labor and food shortage in the 1920s brought about by an intensification of the lumber trade in the Gabon estuary, as well as