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Russian Israelis and Religion

What Has Changed after Twenty Years in Israel?

Larissa Remennick and Anna Prashizky

Most former Soviet immigrants who arrived in Israel had a secular or atheistic outlook, with only a small minority leaning toward Orthodox Judaism or Christianity. To understand how 20 years of life in the ethno-religious polity of Israel have influenced their religious beliefs and practices, we conducted a survey of a national sample of post-1990 immigrants. The findings suggest that most immigrants have adopted the signs and symbols of the Jewish lifestyle. They celebrate the major religious holidays in some form, and many are interested in learning more about Jewish culture and history. We interpret these changes mainly as an adaptive response aiming at social inclusion in the Israeli Jewish mainstream rather than actually emerging religiosity. Few immigrants observe the demanding laws of kashrut and Shabbat, and even fewer attend synagogues and belong to religious communities. Their expressed attitudes toward state-religion matters reflect their ethno-nationalist stance, which is more typical for ethnic Jews than for partial or non-Jews.

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The End Point of Zionism

Ethnocentrism and the Temple Mount

Tomer Persico

tradition redemption was always a communal, indeed national, project (e.g., freedom from slavery in Egypt, return from exile to the Land of Israel), for Christianity redemption was primarily an individual deliverance from sin won through faith in Jesus

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Jewish Secular-Believer Women in Israel

A Complex and Ambivalent Identity

Hagar Lahav

, differs from others that emerged in different, disparate religious contexts ( Asad 2003 ; Casanova 1994 ; Jakobsen and Pellegrini 2008b ). As Protestant Christianity is primarily a religion of faith and beliefs, a second claim is the identification of

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Intertwined Landscape

The Integration of Arabo-Islamic Culture in Pre-state Palestine

Mostafa Hussein

competition between Islam and Christianity to alter the city as a reflection of its own faith. Hence, “when the fortune of Islam goes well, the city becomes filled with mosques and minarets, and when Christians [dominate], it fills with churches and bells

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The Return to the Monument

The Looming Absence of the Temple

Hava Schwartz

, now far removed in space and time. The menorah, in particular, became a key Jewish symbol in a space politically and symbolically controlled by Byzantine Christianity ( Levine 2000: 8–32 ). In this context, the image of the menorah symbolized the

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Adi Binhas

2019 Notes 1 The Falash Mura are those Jews in Ethiopia who converted to Christianity or stopped observing the mitzvot (by Beta Israel standards). In September 2020, the Israeli government decided to allow up to 2,000 members of the

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Uzi Meshulam and the ‘Mishkan Ohalim’ Affair

The Influence of Radical Ultra-Orthodoxy

Motti Inbari

interview: Rabbi Uzi says to us that if we do not return fire, it’s as if we are committing suicide, and that’s like Christianity, where you turn the other cheek. I am not afraid of dying, because what God has allotted is what I have. The main thing is to

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Assaf Shapira

parent does not become a citizen at birth. 7 The Falash Mura are putatively the descendants of Ethiopian Jews who converted to Christianity. 8 For a detailed review of various categories of immigrants, both before and since the 1990s, see Shapira (2018

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War and Memory

The Israeli Communist Commemoration of the Spanish Civil War, 1936–1986

Amir Locker-Biletzki

Christianity used racial persecution and hatred as a means of economic attack” ( Kol Ha’Kidma , 25 July 1946). The invocation of Spain’s Jewish as well as Arab past was most clearly expressed by Michael Harsegor. In a 1955 article in the literary supplement of

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Creating a Significant Community

Religious Engagements in the Film Ha-Mashgihim (God’s Neighbors)

Merav Alush-Levron

and Memory in Israeli Cinema,” ed. Raz Yosef . Asad , Talal . 2003 . Formations of the Secular: Christianity, Islam, Modernity . Stanford, CA : Stanford University Press . 10.1515/9780804783095 Avineri , Shlomo . 1998 . “ Zionism and the