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Sacred Welcomes

How Religious Reasons, Structures, and Interactions Shape Refugee Advocacy and Settlement

Benjamin Boudou, Hans Leaman, and Maximilian Miguel Scholz

Through five interdisciplinary case studies from different contexts in Africa, Europe, and North America, and with a particular focus on Christianity and Judaism, this special section of Migration and Society explores how religious institutions

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“A Refugee Pastor in a Refugee Church”

Refugee-Refugee Hosting in a Faith-Based Context

Karen Lauterbach

charismatic Christianity, which articulate a tension between egalitarianism and charismatic authority ( Haynes and Hickel 2016 ). This is similarly relevant when discussing the host's possessions and their (re-)interpretation as gifts from God that could be re

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Freedom, Salvation, Redemption

Theologies of Political Asylum

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

rejected” ( Sherwood 2016 ). According to several MPs, immigration officials interrogated refugees applying for asylum on the grounds of conversion to Christianity on “Bible trivia.” Another report confirmed that “interviewers sometimes asked Christians to

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“It's a Big Umbrella”

Uncertainty, Pentecostalism, and the Integration of Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Immigrants in Johannesburg, South Africa

Tinashe Chimbidzikai

. 10.17159/1996-2096/2017/v17n1a10 Adogame , Afe . 2015 . “ The African Christian Diaspora: New Currents and Emerging Trends in World Christianity. ” Journal of Religion in Africa 45 ( 3/4 ): 338 – 339 . 10.1163/15700666-12340056 Anderson

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Sabina Barone, Veronika Bernard, Teresa S Büchsel, Leslie Fesenmyer, Bruce Whitehouse, Petra Molnar, Bonny Astor, and Olga R. Gulina

the three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It relies on a worldview that differs from the “cosmopolitan individualism” underlying the human rights agenda (Barbato). It is based on understanding reciprocity as inherent to the

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The Ukrainian divide

The power of historical narratives, imagined communities, and collective memories

Alina Penkala, Ilse Derluyn, and Ine Lietaert

, Poles were Catholic (Western Christianity) and Ruthenians were Greek Catholic (Eastern Christianity), both loyal to Rome but with different rites. Last, there was a strong impact of social stratification, since almost all landlords were Polish, and

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Ocean, Motion, Emotion

Mobilities and Mobilizations in the Pacific

Matt Matsuda

Christianity. The major island groups have a colonial history, having been taken as British protectorates beginning in the nineteenth century, and some fell under Japanese imperial rule during the Pacific War. Tarawa was noted for its bloody battles, and the

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Tracey Reimann-Dawe

historical continuum. Although dominated by originality and finality, time in Christianity is not freed from a cyclical conception, for in the context of the creation and the end of the world, humankind and the world ultimately return back to the Creator and

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Refugee Hospitality Encounters in Northern Portugal

“Cultural Orientations” and “Contextual Protection”

Elizabeth Challinor

culture was highly influenced by Christianity, the roots of which were to be found in the Middle East. “We share the same heritage. Think of Saint Paul’s conversion; it took place on the road to Damascus. He stopped persecuting Christians … Of course I am

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“It’s Being, Not Doing”

Hospitality and Hostility between Local Faith Actors and International Humanitarian Organizations in Refugee Response

Olivia J. Wilkinson

States: A Systematic Review ” Social Work & Christianity 43 ( 1 ): 95 – 107 . Ai , Amy L. , Terrence N. Tice , Christopher Peterson , and Bu Huang . 2005 . “ Prayers, Spiritual Support, and Positive Attitudes in Coping with the September